Navigating the HARBOR Protocol


Harbor Protocol is a decentralized finance application built on the Comdex blockchain with CosmWasm and Cosmos SDK smart contracts.

Before You Anchor

Before you even begin to utilize the Harbor Protocol, you must have connected your KeplrWallet to your Google account via the Chrome extension.

1st Time on the Harbor

Here is the guide to walk you through the Harbor Protocol, if it is your first time being there.

Minting Composites

To mint your $CMST tokens, you have to go through the following steps.

Checking Your Interest

To begin to earn interest from minting your Composite tokens, complete these steps.

Do you wish to take that amount?


The locations are named after their duties, so to get to any of them:



To check out the auctions being carried out within the HARBOR Protocol:

About Comdex Network

Comdex is building an ecosystem of solutions that work synergistically to aggregate liquidity from DeFi ecosystems and facilitate its flow into CeFi. Whether through the enterprise trade platform & the tokenization of real-world assets through access to the price fluctuation of various assets via Synthetics, as a Defi infrastructure layer, the Comdex ecosystem promises to facilitate an all-in-one hub to democratize finance.



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