What is going on over at Shibarmy?

Not too long after the official launch of Shibarmy, the token has conquered heights beyond imagination; and to say that its token holdings are automatically influencing the growth of Shiba Inu is to say the least. What is going on at shibarmy, the growth drive and marketing strategies the Shibarmy team has put together to push this token to the next level will all be discussed further in this article as we proceed.

What is shibarmy?

Shibarmy is a new project recently launched into the DeFi ecosystem. It is a project that pays you in shiba Inu for holding its native token $SHIBARMY. Shibarmy has a maximum market supply of 100 trillion and has an automatic liquidity provider pool often generated from trade activities.

What is the shibarmy team up to currently?

For the record, shibarmy has already launched and listed on Pancakeswap, a popular and widely used decentralized finance exchange that functions with Binance smart chain. And just recently, the project has also been launched on NESTswap and is partnering with Hummingbird finance on a mission.

Shibarmy locks its liquidity provider token for maximum marketing effect. At the time of writing this article The total value locked TVL in Binance token is about 92BNB with the dollar equivalent of $50,241 as against the $28,705 mark earlier. This is an indicator of a positive market outcome for this token in the near future.

Currently, there are more than 600 holders of $SHIBARMY. If I would guess, it could be inspired by the perks that top the project’s token holding. Shibarmy distributes 8%of each trade to holders on $shib tokens.

Shibarmy is looking to launch their DeFi exchange in the near future. However, they need only 5% token buy before their exchange is launched . The other 95% will have to wait for the exchange to launch before they can purchase the token. For the meantime however, You can easily buy $SHIBARMy on pancakeswap and NEST swap. In pancakeswap, investors are allowed a slippage tolerance of about 11% to make a purchase.

In summary, the best way to benefit from a project is to key into its growth plan early enough. Shibarmy is already up and running, you do not want to miss another opportunity. Stay tuned for more updates on the growth and progress of this project.

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