Update on Favorite Seascape Games

Aniel Essien
4 min readFeb 19, 2022


It has been a long week at Seascape with lots of love sharing, games, launching, and collaboration. Sad if you missed out on any of them but not to worry as there are more activities on the spot you can engage in. More information about them takes the better part of our weekly update. So here are excerpts from Seascape’s activities over the week; what you missed, and what is on the table for you.

Seascape loves

Seascape took some time out to celebrate and share the love during the last Valentine season. It was engaging, fun, and rewarding as participants went away with 3 special Gen-3 scapes.

Participants engaged by telling what they love about seascape, retweeting, and tagging 3 friends to win the special Scape.

Following Valentine's day celebration, the Zombie puzzle game got in the ring. It was a 4day game, from February 14th to February 17th. The game has 3 winners each day with 5 Seascape’s CWS in rewards each. The game was also engaging as the first as there were over 60 CWS in reward.

SeaDEX is now on the Moonbeam network

Perhaps, one of the best news of the week is that SeaDEX is officially launched on the moonbeam network. This means a lot for Seascape, and to the seascape community, it means that you can connect and swap with SeaDEX using the Moonbeam wallet.

Mystery Box Launch

Seascape and Binance NFT are collaborating to launch the Mystery Box season on Feb 21st, 2022. With this Mystery box, participants should expect to top up their Zombies with 6 new characters.

In view of this event, the Duo are also collaborating to hold a mystery box giveaway. Click here to win free mystery boxes

Zombie Farm Season-1 is upon you

Folks, the Zombie farm season-1 is here and now available on the Binance chain. Since its public unveiling, Zombie farm has surpassed $3.2million in total value locked. You don’t want to sleep on this game.

You should learn more about the Zombie farm survival strategies so that too can share in the $1milion profit. And when you are all set, click here to play the zombie farm.

It is worthy of note that Seascape goes the extra step to secure your favorite gaming space. So it has contracted Halborn to audit the Zombie farm. So far, the game audit has successfully been completed. The game is all yours.


Seascape took advantage of the Valentine Season to celebrate and share love, especially this week. The birth of the Zombie season is on you as the game is now available on the Binance chain. Also, the era of mystery boxes is set to be released on Feb. 21st. These are updates on your favorite seascape games for the week, you have more in the next one.

About Seascape

Seascape Network is a new gaming platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economies. The team uses gamification, DeFi, and NFTs to build an incentivized ecosystem for crypto gamers, developers, and influencers. Their official token is Crowns, which goes by the ticker CWS / pCWS, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing.

To ensure this, they will continue developing and improving client and launcher solutions, bringing the true value of DeFi to a new and hungry population, unleashing a new world of gaming that the world has never seen before.

About Moonscape

Moonscape is a resource strategy management DeFi game that takes place on a futuristic moon. Players scramble for limited resources to develop their burgeoning cities. In the quest for domination, players can plunder rival cities and collaborate with friendly ones. City-building uses tried-and-tested DeFi mechanics, some employing the use of NFTs. Rovers and entire cities can also be turned into NFTs and traded and sold on the open market as well.

Follow up on Seascape’s various announcement channels for active participation and support throughout the program.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.


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