Understanding Trikon and its Key Stakeholders

Aniel Essien
2 min readMay 13, 2023


Even though Web3 gaming provides a lot of opportunities for gamers and developers, some individuals find it difficult to access and earn from the space, due to little or no knowledge of blockchain. However, Trikon makes accessibility to Web3 seamless, rewarding, and fun.

Trikon is a Web3 gaming platform that offers a wide variety of Web3 games, supporting players, developers, and other Web3 games, which make up its key stakeholders.

Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations who have a vested interest in a particular business or project. They may be affected positively or negatively by the activities of the organization, and they may have the power to influence or be influenced by the organization’s actions.

The Trikon ecosystem has three main stakeholders — Players, Developers, and other Web3 Games.

They are responsible for driving the growth of the ecosystem, the choice of games, the quality of the gameplay, and the general upliftment of the gaming space.

  • Players: A video game would not be successful without the gamers’ passion and engagement. Since the Trikon ecosystem is focused on delivering high-quality Web3 games, it takes its gamers into consideration, ensuring they don’t run out of game options. A marketplace has been provided to help gamers earn incentives for playing games.

They are the heart and soul of Web3 games

  • Developers: These are responsible for bringing up new games and designs.

Trikon offers infrastructure and tools for Web2 and Web3 developers to create ground-breaking games.

Trikon assists developers by creating NFT marketplaces and in-game tokens, allowing the developers to concentrate on game designs.

Trikon also supports them by not charging high commissions and fees to feature their games on its platform.

  • Other Web3 Games: Trikon’s platform supports other Web3 games, allowing them to be featured on its platform, and increasing its player base.

Trikon’s Proof-of-Reward (PoR) consensus makes it easy for new games to gain attention easily and to be successful, by rewarding players more when they play games that are less popular.

Trikon’s stakeholders are responsible for the general growth of the platform and are supported by Trikon, so they can enjoy a good experience and earning opportunities in the gaming space.

To learn more about Trikon, or access its platform and games, visit Trikon.io

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