Understanding the Commodo Platform in Relation to the Comdex Network


For its $CMST stablecoin, ruled by the $HARBOR governance token.


Its banking system has no governance token.

The Mortgage Bank

As an open financial infrastructure that makes good use of the InterBlockchain technology protocol, Commodo is literally a bank built within the Cosmos ecosystem to act as a kind of mortgage bank wherein members of the Comdex network are able to lend and borrow its supported cryptocurrencies, most especially the $CMST (Composite), $ATOM (Cosmos), as well as the $CMDX (Comdex) cryptocurrencies.

A Mission with Goals

A goal-driven platform it is, Commodo has always (since inception) had objectives that have pushed it moving forward so far.

Merits of the Bank

In fact, most goals on Commodo’s bullet list have been accomplished. Furthermore, via the Commodo platform, you are able to carry out the following with ease.

Liquidation & Insurance

By deepening liquidity via establishing singular markets for each token in the Comdex network and Cosmos ecosystem, all users of the Commodo platform can pay debts off without waiting a long period of time.

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol and a product of the Persistence platform.



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