Trading Your cAssets on Comdex’s Decentralized Exchange

Physical commodities are essential for human survival, and their availability depends on the forces of demand and supply. Trading these commodities enables financial sustainability and is used in the activities carried out by industries.

Physical commodities come in form of foodstuffs, natural resources, fiat currency, real estate properties, etc. And in the cryptocurrency world, you can invest in them to gain profits. But how about you invest in some of these commodities?

The question would be; “what do physical commodities have to do with the cryptocurrency world?” Taking the value of these assets and holding them up in the stable crypto economy will help prevent the effects of price inflation from hitting hard on them. But how does this happen?

Comdex makes it happen. With the idea of exchanging commodities as its main activity, Comdex developed the cSwap platform, to serve as the trading hub of its cAssets, which are synthetic assets that were converted from the value of physical commodities into the value of stablecoins.

Synthetic assets, which are commodities that have been turned into digital assets, can either be tangible or irrelevant in their privacy and policy and allows you to trade based on the prices of the real-world physical commodities, without complexities.

These cAssets can be gotten from minerals such as gold, silver, oil, etc, and collaterized debt positions (CDPs) as debt assets (gotten from loans) in which collateral is needed. On Comdex’s cSwap forum, you are able to carry out cAsset transactions hitch-freely when there’s enough liquidity, which is important you provide.

The cAssets available on Comdex’s decentralized exchange Devnet, known as the Comdex Web App, are namely cGOLD, cSILVER, and cOIL.

Be a Role Player!

Mint your cAssets.

Stake them up high.

Trade your cAssets.

Provide liquidity to enable the ease of trading cAssets.

Apart from being able to diversify your cAssets, you are ensured secure end-to-end encrypted transaction information, and you are also able to skip all the technicalities usually involved when investing in physical commodities.

The effects of sanctions placed on certain physical commodities; eg, crude oil from Russia, sanctioned by the West.

The effects of wars and epidemics; eg, the post coronavirus economic depression hit on the world and the Russo-Ukrainian War which lead to the shortage of the global supply of wheat and crude oil.

The risk of thievery or robbery; eg, investable commodities like gold, silver, or diamonds, which can be converted to crypto-assets with security attached.

Risk of bankruptcy, in which you can equally and partially own your investment.

Risk of storing in banks and centralized firms, because of hacking.

Provides you with low transaction fees.

Gives you early exposure to the right commodity markets.

To encounter many other benefits that synthetic assets give you on the Comdex platform, join the global community of COMets now and get acquainted with the Comdex Web App.

Visit the link to Comdex’s Synthetics DEX DevNet to participate:

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Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol and a product of the Persistence platform.

Comdex develops possible solutions for the decentralization of finance (DeFi) and the democratization of commodities by handing over to investors the knowledge of a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding features.

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