This week on Comdex update and Statistics

Comdex statistics

  • The total number of wallet addresses currently on CMDC has surpassed 0ver 28,408
  • The total number of transactions currently on Comdex has recorded an additional 11% increase in the last 7days with about 217,318 transactions.
  • The number of IBC (Inter-blockchain communication protocol) transactions have also topped by 33% over the last 7days amounting to about 14,742 IBC transactions completed.
  • For CMDX/OSMO you have about 21.2million in TVL
  • CMDX/ATOM there are about 16.1million in TVL
  • And in CMDX/UST about 0.44million in TVL

Watch Comdex and Cryptocito’s Co-founders dissect the 2022 growth agenda

  • How Comdex came about and its connection with the Persistence network
  • The Integration of CosmWasm
  • The Comdex Roadmap for 2022 especially as it affects its new partners
  • The plans for future integration

Comdex Staking platforms

  • Unagiidotcom
  • Omniflixnetwork
  • Ezstaking
  • Cosmostation
  • You can earn up to 113% APY when you stake CMDX/OSMO
  • 112% APY when you stake CMDX/ATOM
  • 31% by staking CMDX/UST




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