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Aniel Essien
3 min readFeb 10, 2022

On this week’s episode of Comdex Update, Comdex is nothing short of synonymous with growth and accountability. This could be seen in the measurable growth trackable through the weekly statistical overview of the entire Comdex system performance. Perhaps the most striking part of this week’s update is the Livestream anchored in the platform of Comdex with Comdex COO and ofcourse their new partner, the Cryptcito Co-founder. What have they discussed, how will it impact Comdex’s growth agenda for 2022? Get answers in the update as we proceed.

Comdex statistics

Like I will always say, a project can only be poised to fast-track its growth by marking times with growth records. And growth record involves a lot of statistics, documentation, and of course taking responsibility to be accountable. On this week’s update, here are statistics showing the growth index so far for Comdex in the past week.

  • The total number of wallet addresses currently on CMDC has surpassed 0ver 28,408
  • The total number of transactions currently on Comdex has recorded an additional 11% increase in the last 7days with about 217,318 transactions.
  • The number of IBC (Inter-blockchain communication protocol) transactions have also topped by 33% over the last 7days amounting to about 14,742 IBC transactions completed.

Over to the CMDX liquidity pool on Osmosis, the statistics are still up and running and have recorded more than 37.7million in Total Value Locked.

  • For CMDX/OSMO you have about 21.2million in TVL
  • CMDX/ATOM there are about 16.1million in TVL
  • And in CMDX/UST about 0.44million in TVL

Watch Comdex and Cryptocito’s Co-founders dissect the 2022 growth agenda

Recently, Comdex Co-founder and of course the Co-founder of Cryptocito joined in a Livestream conversation to cheer the course of Comdex progress, recent developments, and what is on the pipeline for the year 2022.

In the Livestream still available on the various Comdex communication channels including Twitter, the Duo anchored their discussion on such matters pertaining

  • How Comdex came about and its connection with the Persistence network
  • The Integration of CosmWasm
  • The Comdex Roadmap for 2022 especially as it affects its new partners
  • The plans for future integration

You’re encouraged to watch the video so you don’t miss out on any of the details, you should be aware that’s the information is made available for you.

Comdex Staking platforms

Comdex is not done with you yet, we hope that every Comdex user should earn from all of its incentives. You can become part of this by leveraging any of the Comdex staking platforms and its partners. More so, you can become an active participant in network security when you stake CMDX on the following platforms;

  • Unagiidotcom
  • Omniflixnetwork
  • Ezstaking
  • Cosmostation

Note that you’re not doing this for free, you are rewarded for staking.

Likewise, you can also join the Comdex incentivized pool on Osmosis still on with juicy Annual Percentage yield for staking.

  • You can earn up to 113% APY when you stake CMDX/OSMO
  • 112% APY when you stake CMDX/ATOM
  • 31% by staking CMDX/UST


Comdex is not just about blockchain, it is about changing the way you earn on the blockchain. To follow up with updates is one thing you must do to seize every earning opportunity via the Comdex channels.

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