Things To Note Before Establishing An AssetMantle Student Chapter On Your Campus.

Thanks to the launch of the AssetMantle contributor program, anyone who is passionate about NFTs and the work the Mantle team is putting into democratizing them can join as a contributor. As a student, you can also contribute to building the Mantle community on your campus and spread the word about AssetMantle.

AssetMantle Student Chapter is a university-based community chapter for students interested in InterNFT standards, the cosmos ecosystem, and the Layer-1 blockchain.

Creating an AssetMantle student chapter involves genuine leadership abilities, as well as sincere commitment and passion to work for the benefit of the student community.

The Mantle team advises that prospective chapter heads should submit an official email to their designated Head Of Department stating that they wish to start an AssetMantle student chapter with the goals stated. In addition to discussing the chapter’s vision, its scope, first steps, and how it will benefit the students who will eventually join.

After receiving their approval,

Kindly Forward the acceptance mail to


Protective chapter leads must remember that they must remain humble and confident at all times, and never forget that they are the leader of their student chapter.

All cheaper leads are expected to report on every project or event that their respective chapter organizes. A monthly report on the events and the state of the project is also required by the Mantle team.

Team Choice

The Mantle team advises all prospective campus leads to find a few extra hands who will act as the core team. So as a prospective campus lead, you will need to start by assembling a core team of no more than seven members of the core committee. From there, you can add members as needed.

As mandated by the Mantle team, members of the core team Committee and volunteer team members should be chosen objectively without relying on recommendations. The selection procedure ought to be focused on their skill set and how they may benefit the AssetMantle learner.

The responsibility of the core team members include:

  • The Vice-Chairperson

The Vice-Chairperson is one who will be in charge of monitoring the advancement of several departments and the operations of various student chapters.

  • Technical Head

In occurrences involving technology, the technical head will offer assistance to the student community and impart technical expertise to the younger members of the team by teaching them the principles of programming and the most recent technological advancements.

  • Events Head

The events head is responsible for planning how students can learn the most and have access to all the facilities, and care will be taken to treat the speakers and attendees with respect and provide them with all they need to take part.

  • Design and Branding Head

The design and branding head will be in charge of producing all of the visuals and audio/video edits needed for advertising, marketing, and other functions.

  • Public Relations and Outreach Head

This person will communicate and ask influential people to speak at educational events. They will be in charge of coordinating with other chapters for significant events.

  • Marketing Head

The marketing head will cooperate with the PR team and concentrate on raising awareness of future innovations and events.

  • Social Media Head

It will be the responsibility of the social media head to develop and manage a platform that enhances engagement and communication with students.

You can find out more about AssetMantle and keep up with their latest news and developments via the following links:

Website Blog Whitepaper Documents Twitter Telegram Instagram



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