The Unique Utility of the Bitrue Exchange $BTR Token: Vote for Coin Listings & Get Rewarded

Aniel Essien
4 min readFeb 16, 2024


You vote for what you believe in and get rewarded for believing in it. That is Bitrue’s rule of the game.

Many crypto-centralized exchanges do not give you a choice to make. Given that they are “CENTRALIZED”, they list any token/coin they choose and users can trade them if they wish.

However, despite having the interface and features of a centralized exchange, Bitrue Exchange takes its users more seriously by prioritizing their needs and putting their considerations forefront and first.

Bitrue Coin BTR was launched to not only be a utility token but also a governance token that will bring more value to its holders. It serves as the lifeline of Bitrue, its ecosystem, and its community.

BTR is practically a yield token because every utility/purpose of the coin is hitched to delivering yields to its holders in the following ways:

  1. Yield Farming: Farm for other tokens by staking $BTR in pools to earn APR.

2. BTR Lockup: Lock BTB for 30 days alongside a coin of your choice and receive interest in them. Interest/reward is to be paid in blocks after the 30-day lockup period lapses.

3. Power Piggy VIP Caps & Boosts: Stake coins/tokens on Bitrue to earn interest you can claim every single day.

The more $BTR you hold, the higher the interest rate will be. And the longer you hold, the more APR boost you have.

4. Trading Fee Discount: When you make a trade on Bitrue, you can pay for the transaction either with the base currency of the trading pair or with $BTR.

If you choose to pay with BTR, you will be given a 20% discount on the transaction fee.

5. Token Sale Airdrops: When there is a token sale on Bitrue, there is often an airdrop that goes along with it. To get the airdrop, you must be a BTR holder and the more you hold, the more of the free tokens you receive.

6. Governance via BTR Voting: The latest utility for BTR is the act of governance. Holders now have the power to decide on Bitrue’s future.

What updates are necessary? What decisions are important to take? Before the Bitrue team can decide on any major development on Bitrue, they have to consult with those who are actively contributing to its growth — the BTR holders.

Now, that brings us to our major BTR voting utility that we are discussing in this article — Coin Listing Voting! Let’s dive in.

Vote for Coin/Token Listings; Get Airdropped!

One of the developments or updates that Bitrue Exchange engages in is coin listings. This is the same for all exchanges — the more valuable tokens they list for trading, the more users and volume they can get into their exchange.

However, many exchanges do not give you the right to make decisions on what tokens should be listed, Bitrue does!

A good number of tokens are listed every week on Bitrue Exchange. These tokens are listed after the community votes for the listing of the token to pass, and the coin is airdropped to all who have cast their vote.

How Does Coin Listing Voting Work?

When Bitrue presents a token for listing, BTR holders vote by staking their BTR tokens in Bitrue’s DeFi mining platform for 7 days, where they will be able to specify the coin that they are supporting.

In Bitrue’s voting mechanism, 1 $BTR = 1 Vote.

The more votes you stake in a vote, the higher the chances of it passing.

When a token passes the voting round, it gets listed for trading on the exchange, and in some cases, it also advances the BTR you staked for the vote into the vote-staking phase.

When this is done, for the next 7 days, every day that your BTR remains staked you earn rewards in the form of the coin you voted for.

The airdrop is proportional to the amount of $BTR a voter staked in votes, hence rewarding the voter’s participation. That is, the more BTR that was used to vote, the higher a user’s rewards will be. You can take a look at the coins that need your vote right now on the BTR Vote page.

How To Get Started?

Bitrue’s mining platform is only available on mobile devices. You have to download it for your Android or iOS on Google Play Store or App Store.

Next, buy $BTR tokens from Bitrue Exchange with USDT or any other coin in a BTR trade pair that you have.

Then you can navigate to the Coin Listing section and vote on shortlisted coins.

Coins that receive sufficient levels of support are often shortlisted very quickly.

You can always reach out to Bitrue if you are a community member hoping to a coin come to Bitrue.

You can do this by tagging the coin and Bitrue on Twitter so that the Bitrue team can see the level of enthusiasm for the coin.

Also, if you are a project owner interested in listing a coin, reach out to Bitrue by filling out this form.

Note that you will be expected to provide some funds for the Yield Farming service. Without doing so, the listing is not guaranteed.

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