The Staking Saloon is a game in which users stake Scapes of various power levels, based on quality, to rake in a shiny new stack of Crowns.

Scapes vary in quality, from Common to Legendary, and these qualities will give the user major power-ups if used correctly. There are over 200 possible bonus-awarding combos that will increase your earnings if you play smart.

If you stake 3 Common Trixies, you’ll get a 5% bonus on top of your earned Crowns. However,if you’ve got 2 rare Trixies and an Epic in your hand, you can get a bonus of up to 35% on top of your earnings. We’re still fiddling around with the precise numbers, but rest assured that different combinations will have your crypto wallet dancing the do-si-do quicker than the sheriff can pull his trigger.

Particularly sharpshooters will notice that they can claim rewards for every Scape they’ve staked. When you’ve got a killer combo, which is a good idea to Claim All at once. Just make sure you keep the county sheriff blowing off his gun! If you’re excited about the release of Staking Saloon.

Staking Saloon is in its final stages of testing and will be released very soon. Expect a surprise release to brighten your day right when you need it most.

For now, Maximize your power level and get your hands on big earnings. Make sure you get over to NFT Brawl to make sure you’re ready for the Crypto Duel of the season!

Stay tuned for more details on when the game will be released then, you can find the white-haired cowboy in his staking quarters and charm him with three Scapes of your choosing!!!


In the final of the three initial DeFi games, players can stake NFTs to claim Crowns tokens which can then be used to further their economic power within the Seascape Network. Players can look forward to very attractive APY, but there is a consequence to bear in mind: staked NFTs will be burned when players claim the CWS rewards. Users can use those tokens to attain further NFTs from the NFT Brawl, or exchange, sell or buy NFTs on big exchanges such as OpenSea.

These games initially launch on Ethereum, and will be fully integrated into the Binance Smart Chain, allowing users to freely trade their assets between the two protocols, and fully displaying the true power of Layer 2 solutions. The next generation will also come equipped with a new generation of NFTs and other great bonuses. The ocean of benefits on the Seascape Network is bottomless.


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