Recently, Trustworks gained two (2) strategic partnerships with ADOR and PRISM Network.

The details of the partnerships will be highlighted in this article.

Partnership with ADOR

About ADOR

ADOR is a blockchain-based network created to meet the needs of the established and budding creative community who wish to be in control and earn from their content in real-time and set up a sustainable long-term career. ADOR allows creatives to earn crypto by providing them with a platform where they can monetize their virtual items 24/7, 365 GLOBALLY, giving creators access to multiple audiences and a secure and fair marketplace.

Trustworks focuses on empowering the masses, not just a selected few. Its focus and goals at the moment are about including people with crypto and non-crypto skills alike in its ecosystem where they can showcase their talents. Its community inclusion framework, governance, passive income framework, and all, points towards the innovative business model of growing together. There is no match to freedom of thought and expression through creative skills. With the social app TrustX, it will enable its users to create their economy, generate their income capital stream, and be financially free.

Because both Projects have an aligned vision of empowering users, Trustworks and ADOR came together and launched the most epic event to bridge the gap towards the mainstream adoption of NFTs (Orgasmic Chakra NFT Expo and NFT Treasure Hunt), which began on the 10th of May 2021 and is scheduled to end on the 25th of May 2021.

What is Orgasmic Chakra?

The “Orgasmic Chakra” refers to the human creative process and an exploration of our true potential. The journey starts with a thought process of identifying our inspirations within, then translating those inspirations into our unique creativities. This process evolves not only individuals but also cultures and civilizations collectively.

This is a first of its kind event in the NFT space which allows creatives all over the world to reach their true and fullest potential.

The event is aimed at rewarding the most “Creative Individuals” for their creativity,

from a prize pool of $50,000($20,000 on USDT and $30,000 in $TRUST & ADOR tokens)

For a total of 8 winners, who will get an exclusive interview with the brand ambassador Justin Bratton who is also the host of Asia’s got talent.

Interested participants are required to submit their artwork before the conclusion of the event.

For information, visit ( ).

Partnership with PRISM Network

About PRISM Network

PRISM Network is a Universal DeFi servicing hub that has its bridging and cross-chain infrastructure which provides services for projects on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, TomoChain & xDAI through its cross-chain token PRISM. Prism Network gives developers and projects the tools, resources, and infrastructure to integrate seamlessly with any of these networks.

Trustworks has partnered with PRISM to provide the much-needed infrastructure support for its ecosystem by supplying staking pools, and liquidity farming pools. This partnership will enable the maintenance of cross-chain compatibility and on the other hand providing users the opportunity to stake their TRUST and earn rewards, thereby bringing more utility to the ecosystem. It also merges the DeFi and NFT landscape thereby offering a true incentivized model for both communities. The major thing considered as more important is the support PRISM offers to Trustworks’ commitment to being a decentralized and community-driven project with DAO mechanics to ensure it stays committed to the aforementioned goal.

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About Trustworks

Trustworks is a development company, focused on the areas of blockchain, AI, and financial technologies. It has worked with public and private sector organizations since 2018. It is building TrustX, 1st of its kind social app to create NFTs with zero design knowledge, connect and interact with like-minded creative individuals, and be inspired by the diversity of creativity.

TrustX is built to address few fundamental challenges to the NFT landscape which includes:

Mainstream Adoption

Intellectual Property (IP) & Copyrights

User Experience

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Together, empowering you!

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