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GazeTV is a social entertainment ecosystem that incorporates incentive and reward benefits for every content found in the system.

GazeTV sets a new phase for video content creation. GazeTV believe that every unique content is priceless and try as much as possible to keep all creators away from exploitation by awarding them incentives for every content published on the platform.

However, this tokenized platform is not only for the benefit of content creators. It is also built to the advantage of the audience who patronize them.

The sole aim of GazeTV is to give relevance to every content publish on the platform by rewarding both the creators and the audience.

GazeTV believes that content creation is invaluable and every original content deserves to be seen and rewarded. But also, GazeTV do not undermine the importance of audience participation and engagement, hence, they acknowledge them through rewards too.

The GAZE token functions as the currency of reward in the mutually beneficial ecosystem.

The Gazer community is powered by a decentralized blockchain — Ethereum, running as an ERC-20 compatible token registered under the name GAZE.

The GAZE Token

$GAZE is the currency or token of the transaction on GazeTV. This token is one of the ERC-20 compatible tokens existing on the Ethereum blockchain and it is accessible on any ERC-20 wallets.

Every transaction done and every reward/incentive earned on GazeTV is in GAZE. The token can be spent on the platform or sent to your ERC-20 wallet for other uses.

How GazeTV Works

Every content on GazeTV is bought at a price (GAZE token) by the audience. So for any video content to be watched, it has to be purchased at a stipulated amount of GAZE token. GazeTV is a mutually beneficial platform for both the content creators and audience.

For content creators

Content creators can earn incentives and rewards through the following ways;

1. Qualified Video Content Uploads

As a content creator, you receive GAZE tokens as incentives for every qualified video you upload on the system. The amount of reward given to you is based on the duration of your uploaded content.

By qualified video, we mean:

● Original content is performed by you with no risk of copyright infringement. (You must tender proof of evidence before permission is given to upload.)

● Content with both audio and video properties.

● Content with high creativity. (Video should be diversified; no still camera, car cam video, security cam video, or straight recording, without an interlude.)

● Video content with a good resolution of not less than 720p.

● Video content with a clear audio level and no breaking sounds.

● No blank screen video.

● A video with a specific title and description.

● No repeated video upload.

● No duplicated video addition to lengthening your video duration.

Any unqualified video will attract no incentives or suspension of the account.

2. Engagement Reward Pool

When your qualified content is uploaded, you are rewarded for every engagement your content receives. For every view, like, comment, or share, you receive a designated amount of GAZE token. The higher your content’s level of engagement, the higher your incentive.

3. Audience Support

This is a unique reward system where the audience can get to support and donate to their favorite content creators with GAZE token

Getting rewards is mainly through the Engagement Reward Pool (that is, by your level of engagement). The more video content you view, like, comment, and share, the more rewards you get.

Other Benefits of GazeTV for Creators and Audience

Asides from earning rewards, GazeTV provides other advantageous dispositions for the creators and audience of the content on the platform.

For content creators,

● Video synchronization from other sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and some Vlog sites to GazeTV has been incorporated into the system to make video transfer automated and easier.

● Data visualization and analytics have been integrated into the platform. This enables creators to measure and rate their content and channel performance through trend maps and charts that are easy to read and virtually pleasing.

● Setting the price of their content is left to them. The content can be set as free of charge or priced by a number of GAZE tokens.

For the audience,

● Access to highly informative, inspiring, and entertaining content.

● Access to customized video content based on your user experience.

● Opportunity to stake for gifts’ redemption.

In a nutshell, the GAZE token on GazeTV is transactable through:

1. The purchase of video content.

2. Incentives for content uploads.

3. Rewards for content engagement.

4. Donation or support of creators.

5. Stakes for gift redemption.

However, as an ERC-20 compatible token, GAZE is transferable to or from any ERC-20 compliant wallet.

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