The Drugged Huskies (TDH): Facts About The Weed Smoke NFT Community on Dogechain

Aniel Essien
4 min readMar 24, 2023

If you are a fan of NFTs and Dogecoin, you need to know about The Drugged Huskies (TDH), one of the biggest NFT projects launched on Dogechain.

TDH is an NFT art collection designed for a hangout experience with the Dogechain family and they have partnered with other projects on Dogechain to increase the user and community experience.

In this blog post, I will explain what TDH is, how it works, and why you should join the pack.

What are the Drugged Huskies (TDH)?

TDH is an art-based collection of 5556 spacey and husky-themed NFTs. These stoner Huskies are unique hand-drawn collectibles, each with different traits and personalities. They are inspired by the meme culture and the cannabis community.

No one TDH NFT is identical to another as the collection comes with several traits that determine the rarity of each husky.

A TDH rarity rank and score are determined by its:

● Background

● Sweater

● Fur

● Emblem

● Tattoo

● Eyes

● Headwear

● Mouth

You can check for the TDH rarity matrix here:

Over 3000 TDH are already minted and its mint price is currently 250 $wDOGE, approximately around $20. TDH is also the most traded NFT on the Mantra NFT marketplace. Listing on Mantra also means holders can stake and lend their NFTs.

Buy TDH NFT from Mantra

TDH is not just an NFT project, but also a brand that aims to create a fun and engaging environment for its holders. TDH has its token, $TDH.

The $TDH Token

$TDH is the native utility token of the Drugged Huskies with a total and maximum supply of 10 million and built with a buy-back mechanism. It can be used to access exclusive features and rewards.

$TDH utilities include:

  1. Buying NFTs & Merch.

$TDH can be used to buy TDH NFTs and other NFTs on Mantra. Holders will also be able to use their $TDH to buy merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, stickers, etc.

  1. Staking and Liquidity Provision.

Holders can stake and farm their $TDH on Wojak Finance DEX and others (coming soon).

  1. Governance.

$TDH is the governance token of Drugged Huskies. Holders can suggest proposals and vote on proposals.

  1. Gaming.

$TDH holders can play a game where they can earn more $TDH tokens while gaming.

To access the TDH game, join the TDH Telegram community, then DM the TDG Game Bot to begin.

Note: You need at least 1 TDH NFT to access the game. The more TDH NFTs you own, the more $TDH tokens you can earn.

How Does TDH Work & What Are Its Benefits?

To become a benefit-worthy member of the Drugged Huskies community, you need to mint or buy at least one TDH NFT from Mantra, a leading marketplace on Dogechain for NFTs.

Each TDH NFT costs about 250 DOGE and there are only 5556 of them available. Once you buy a TDH NFT, you become part of the pack and you can enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

To see your minted TDH, go here.

One of the main benefits of holding a TDH NFT is that you can get $TDH tokens for free every day because it gives you access to the Drugged Huskies Dig to Earn game which you can play to get $TDH rewards.

The amount of tokens you can mint depends on how many TDH NFTs you own and how rare they are. The rarer your Husky is, the more tokens you can mint.

Another benefit of holding a TDH NFT is that you can participate in their episodes. Episodes are interactive stories where you can vote on what happens next using your $TDH tokens. The episodes are based on the adventures of the Drugged Huskies and their friends on Dogechain.

Another very unique part of TDH is the “Smoke Club” — a private group of investors interested in progressing the brand of TDH. People interested in joining the Smoke Club must hold at least 5 TDH NFTs. And they have unique perks for being members.

Why Should You Join TDH?

There are many reasons why you should join TDH if you love NFTs and Dogechain. Here are some of them:

💎 You get to own a unique piece of art that reflects your personality and style.

💎 You get to be part of a vibrant community that shares your interests and values.

💎 You get to earn passive income by minting $TDH tokens every day.

💎 You get to have fun by playing games, voting on episodes, buying merchandise, etc.

💎 You get to support a project that promotes creativity, diversity, inclusion, and social good.

In conclusion, the Drugged Huskies (TDH) is one of the most innovative and exciting NFT projects on Dogechain. It combines art, gaming, storytelling, branding, and social impact in a way that appeals to both casual and hardcore fans of NFTs.

If you want to join TDH or learn more about it, follow them on:





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