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BLOCKLORDS is an award-winning grand strategy DAPP game set in a medieval time where players take control of a brave hero and fight for supremacy, new items, and more resources.
This game is a blockchain strategy game in medieval times, where players can create heroes, trade items, conquer cities and earn taxes on sales made within the game. it launched successfully on major DApps protocols. The creators of this project reside around the globe, from China to Japan, to Sweden, to Singapore.
First released on the NEO and TRON blockchains in early 2019, the game has proved itself as a top game in this field and jumped into a more scalable future as it debuted on the Ethereum blockchain with the new and improved BLOCKLORDS 2.0!

The new version comprised lots of new gameplay, faster transactions, and a greatly improved depth to attract strategy gamers from all walks of life.
The BLOCKLORDS team then partnered with the LOOM Network, a layer 2 solution that uses Ethereum as its base layer. Not only does that allow us to transfer digital game assets from Ethereum directly into the game on LOOM, but it also allows us to make in-game transactions free and faster than ever before.

The team behind the well-known game BLOCKLORDS developed Seascape networks.
BlockLord’s game idea represents the perfect scenario for a decentralized environment, which has in the creation of Seascape and its vision.
The Creators of BLOCKLORDS created for seascape network a token, CROWNS.
The Crowns were initially introduced via the game BLOCKLORDS, as a way to reward all the players.
Crown is a token designed to reward all key stakeholders of the gaming ecosystem and owning the token allows you to do;
Buy games and services from the Scape Store
Stake and earn high yields
Mint and trade NFTs
Create players backed by Crowns
Validate the Seascape network
Trade the token for profits
You may wonder how you may get your quarter of this token?
Here is a list of the exchanges where the token Crowns is available:

Uniswap (V2)

Seascape Network
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