The Comdex Synthetics DEX Platform is Now LIVE on DevNet!

The Comdex platform launched its Synthetic Assets Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Platform on DevNet on Thursday, March 31st, 2022, bringing cAssets has been brought to the limelight!

With the DevNet launch of the DEX, users can participate in testing the platform and provide feedback on improvement or appraisal to the Dev Team. Unlike other DEXes, Comdex Synthetics DEX will enable users to tokenize their commodities on-chain turning them into synthetic assets.

Also, Comdex has yet again announced that they have plans of launching a program for the Synthetics DEX testnet called the “Bug Bounty Program”.

This program will be open to “technically minded” people who know about blockchain technology, and who can identify and get rid of the bugs (technical problems) faced by the DEX Testnet.

The Bug Bounty Program comes amidst the strong waves of excitement for the DevNet launch, and “to see our global community battle test our platform, getting crucial experience ahead of our full platform launch,” says the Comdex team.

The Comdex Synthetic DEX

The Synthetics DEX Devnet, which is currently only launched as a Web App only — has a lot of great features.

The segments of the DEX include:


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The features include:

1. cAssets

Features a range of asset classes that Comdex provides. They include:

✓ Collaterizable assets which are about 6 Cosmos-based assets for now; $CMDX, $ATOM, $UST, $OSMO, $LUNA, $XPRT.

✓ Synthetic assets from real-time commodities which include cGOLD, cSILVER, cOIL, etc.

2. Collaterize

Users can get to collateralize their synthetic assets to receive cAssets.

3. cSwap

This is the swapping protocol of cAssets. Users can swap cAssets for other assets here.

4. Borrow

This platform enables users to borrow cAssets and engage in trading for more liquidity.

5. Farming/LPs

Introduces Liquidity Pools where users can stake their cAssts to earn massive rewards.

6. Staking

Introduces Validators with whom users can stake their cAssts and earn great APRs

7. Governance

Governance proposals and functions are provided in this section to be exercised by users who are Comdex token holders. The section also includes an option where you can participate in live auctions.

What is the Importance of the DEX?

Investable commodities are one of the reigning trends in the cryptocurrency industry.

Convert your debts into synthetic assets (cAssets), using cSwap.

Invest your cAssets.

Earn from your cAssets.

Stake your tokens.

Yield annual percentage rates along with frequent dividends.

Participate in airdrops.

Get a whole load of extra benefits when you join the community.

Be among the first to try out the Synthetics DEX before it goes LIVE on Mainnet.


Get your tokens for the Comdex DevNet test on this Faucet:

Start exploring now!

About Comdex

Comdex is a decentralized synthetics protocol and a product of the Persistence platform.

Comdex develops possible solutions for the decentralization of finance (DeFi) and the democratization of commodities by handing over to investors the knowledge of a widened scope of asset classes and rewarding features.

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