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The founder of Seascape, David, maximized the best opportunities by embarking on an eventful AMA session with Binance Smart Chain Community.

The AMA session which was held on the 30th of March was aimed at providing the community with insights or reminding the community what Seascape is about, its roadmaps, and plans to achieve all on its roadmap, not excluding its plans and events.


Time: 19:00 UTC +8

Venue: Binance Smart Chain Telegram Channel

Moderator: Rafael(community moderator at BSC )

Guests: The Seascape Founder, David.

As well as several community members from both ends.

During the AMA, questions concerning Seascape Network were thrown at the Founder, by the Moderator, and also by the community members.

For clarity purposes, this article is divided into two distinct parts;

Part 1: This part will give a full account of the questions as quizzed by the moderator

Part 2: will focus on the questions as quizzed by the community members.


(the call for an introduction)

Rafael: Welcome guys! Please introduce to yourself

David: Hey everyone, I’m David, founder and creative director of the Seascape Network. I’ve been developing games now for nearly ten years, with a diverse background ranging from mobile games to AAA titles. Around 2015, I became heavily interested in the Bitcoin and Ethereum communities. Excited by the prospect of decentralization, and the potential impact this could have on gaming in the future, I partnered up with his longtime work partner, Nicky Li, and got to work on trying to bring what they thought was missing to the industry. To date, we’ve been very fortunate, from the success of the flagship game BLOCKLORDS to the launch of Crowns, and beyond. We’ve got support from major players in the game, such as Binance, DaoMaker, LD Capital, and many more. And they’re very excited to take this dream to the limit. We’re ready to change the future of cross-chain DeFi gaming with the Seascape network!

Seascape Network is a game platform designed around the Defi and NFT economies! By allowing users to collateralize and earn from in-game assets, The Seascape Network is creating an ecosystem where the user can profit just as much as the developer. The goal is to turn theory into practice, unleashing the true power of DeFi!

Rafael: Now let’s speak with the Seascape team! What makes Seascape special?

David: That’s a good question, Seascape approaches gamified DeFi from a few different angles.

Many projects out there claim to have the best blockchain game. However, in our experience, they tend to consist of devs who have little or no experience with the game industry. They know how to write NFT contracts but that’s often as far as that goes.

Our team is well-versed in how blockchain economies are built and can make excellent games on top of those economies. We believe this focus on excellent quality and proper incentives to both our users and devs sets us apart from the competition and helps us to gain users, both from blockchain and traditional gaming.

Our first set of DeFi game modules are a perfect example of how we plan to combine the best of gaming with core crypto mechanics. Once gamers begin to realize the earning potential, they can potentially unlock from their time spent gaming, the possibilities are endless!

As we continue releasing more and more games designed around DeFi, we also will make the tools that make blockchain game development possible available to other game devs, which will open up even more opportunities for gamers and developers everywhere!

Rafael: How will Seascape revolutionize the role of NFTs in DeFi space?

David: NFTs have been around for almost 4 years and as is well known — they haven’t reached their potential yet. The main reason is that the focus has been too much on NFTs as collectibles, while that is only one of their many potential uses.

Collectables are entirely speculative and still tend to be reproduced digitally by people other than the creators. After a few months, people usually lose interest since they have no other uses.

For NFTs to break through, two things need to happen. They need to have a real value attached to them, either in crypto-currency, or in the real world, and that value needs to be redeemable within the NFT itself. This is something we will explore a lot in the Seascape Network gaming ecosystem!

Rafael: How can users start farming on BSC through Seascape right away?

David: While we have engaged in a couple of external liquidity projects, such as BakerySwap and Pancakeswap, the number one way to mine right now on the Seascape Network is through our game Profit Circus on our website. Profit Circus is based entirely around LP mining.

We started on ETH but have now joined BSC for over a month and it’s been blowing up. We just ended season 1 of Profit Circus on BSC actually, which had over $6m staked and $1m dropped in pCWS rewards.

pCWS is the bridged version of CWS by the way, which is available on BSC thanks to our friends at Poly Network!

This early success was followed up with our launch of NFT Brawl, which has seen incredible activity on BSC since its launch last week. We are following this up with our NFT Staking game, Staking Saloon, very shortly!

We will continue offering more and more ways for users to earn through our games, and with BSC we can also make that possible with very low fees!


Q: What can I do to assist in the development of the Seascape network? Do you have a way of involving community members to participate actively in the project apart from GOVERNANCE?

David: The best way to support the Seascape Network is simple:

Play our games 2. Hold CWS and SCAPE NFTs 3. Use the poly bridge to transfer your CWS from ETH to BSC. If you followed our past news, you would know that we dropped over $1.5k of CWS to our previous NFT holders, and we have a lot of exciting plans for that as well. In terms of governance, we plan to involve the community directly in how the network is run through CWS voting, but this will not happen until 2023, as we want the Seascape network to be perfect and fully decentralized before we hand over the reins to our community!

Q: As a blockchain project working in the gaming industry, can Seascape Network tell us what are the key factors in your opinion to attract normal gamers from the non-blockchain world to try and engage in games of the blockchain world?

David: The biggest problem in blockchain gaming right now is mainly that it is incredibly hard and scary to learn how it works. Our first goal with Seascape is to make that process easier not only for gamers but also for game devs. The more tools we develop that make blockchain game development easier, the better we can unleash their ideas that in turn will attract many new users. To be a successful blockchain gaming platform, we must put most of our focus on A. making sure blockchain games work smoothly and B. making the onboarding process as seamless as possible for gamers and developers!


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