Steps to Bridge/Withdraw Your $DOGE From/To Dogecoin Network To/From Dogechain

Aniel Essien
4 min readDec 26, 2022

This is solid news for all OGs of the Dogecoin community. Dogechain is the first official blockchain network to provide utilities to Dogecoin.

It is a known fact that while DOGE is a popular memecoin fully supported by Elon Musk, its use cases remain limited when it comes to advanced blockchain uses. As a holder of $DOGE, you most likely may have thought of how else to use your dogecoins apart from being a payment medium.

Dogechain plugs Dogecoin into more utilities within decentralized applications including the influential GameFi space.

As it is with cryptocurrencies, the more utilities a coin or token has, the more value it compounds because more people want to hold and interact with these tokens and as a result, the prices of these tokens increase as more people hold.

Just as the name implies, Dogechain is a community of Dogecoin holders and lovers who came together to create a chain for the memecoin. It is also called a “memechain” as it was created to power the first-ever memecoin.

But for these utilities to be brought to DOGE, the memecoin has to be bridged from the Dogecoin network to Dogechain which involves wrapping DOGE in a smart contract compatible with the memechain. The wrapped DOGE (wDOGE) tokens are then sent to Dogechain.

Let’s take a step to step guide through DOGE bridging to Dogechain.

How to Bridge DOGE to Dogechain Using the Dogechain Native Bridge

Before we begin, you need a non-custodial wallet. Dogechain supports MetaMask, Coinbase, and Bitkeep at the moment. (I mostly use MetaMask for all round compatibility).

If you don’t have any of these wallets, make sure to download one, set it up, keep your private keys very safe and private, and you can begin the steps.

Also, note that wDOGE is the gas of Dogechain which means any transaction you want to make on Dogechain, you need wDOGE. Therefore, bridging DOGE is vital.

Now, let’s get started:

1. Add the Dogechain network to your MetaMask using these details:



ChainID: 2000


RPC Endpoints:

Ankr RPC Endpoints:

2. Go to the Dogechain native bridge site:

3. Connect to Bridge to your MetaMask wallet and be sure to switch it to the Dogechain network before approving the connection.

4. Back to the Bridge, the next step is to send your native DOGE to your corresponding Dogechain address. You will find your Dogechain wallet address by clicking “Confirm” under Dogechain Deposit Address.

Note: The minimum deposit is 100 DOGE. A lesser amount will result in the smart contract not triggering the minting process and failing to send your required wrapped DOGE.

Go ahead to copy this deposit address.

5. Go to where you have your DOGE on the Dogecoin network (no other chain is allowed) and in transferring, input the amount of DOGE you want to send (more than 100). Confirm the details of the transaction and approve.

Congratulations. The transaction has now been sent and your DOGE deposit confirmed.

After at least six block confirmations, you will receive the same amount of wrapped DOGE in your Dogechain wallet.

To check where you are in the deposit process, go ahead and click on My Account transaction status on the Bridge. If the process is still ongoing, you will see “Pending”. But once the deposit has been completed, the status will change to “Complete”.

You can confirm the completion of the process by opening your MetaMask wallet and selecting the “Assets Tab”. Congratulations. You now have wDOGE in your Metamask and can start participating in the growing Dogechain ecosystem.

How To Withdraw Your wDOGE

Reclaiming your DOGE is done through a smart contract as well and involves burning your wDOGE. This triggers the release of your initial DOGE assets to your Dogecoin wallet.

Follow these steps:

1. Return to the native bridge: and connect to your wallet (if you haven’t)

2. Select “Withdraw” and enter the amount of wDOGE you wish to burn to reclaim the same amount of DOGE.

3. Paste your Dogecoin wallet address (Dogecoin network only) where you wish to send your DOGE and submit your request by clicking on “Withdraw”.

4. Go ahead to sign and approve the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

The protocol will send the wrapped DOGE (wDOGE) to the burner address. Once two-thirds of the nodes approve the transaction the smart contract will trigger the transfer of DOGE to the address that was provided.

The unwrapping process can 2 to 3 days on average and 7 days max.

Dogechain Family is one of the most vibrant and active communities. Follow and join all of its social to be a part of its rapidly growing ecosystem and to stay updated:



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