Staking activities in the lead as Persistence is set for a world class event

Up till Mid-october, events, programmes, activities and sweet side rewards from staking activities are still bubbling over at Persistence One. The wins are getting more pronounced as Persistence surpassed over 30k followers on Twitter. Infact, the drum beats are resonating stronger for the lastest and one-of-its-kind event with Persistence network. Already counting down to the 22nd of October 2021, ‘The rise of Cosmos’, an event staged in celebration of Cosmos SZN shall commence.

This event will feature focus discussions on recent IBC development and the inevitable disruption emerging into the world of DeFi and NFTs. Notable among the speakers in this event are thought leaders from projects like Persistence One, Tendermint and a host of other participants.

Introducing staking guides in different languages

To bridge a language barrier among its community and to enhance their reach, Persistence has introduced staking guides for its native token $XPRT on the ledger in five different languages.

The languages includes Vietnamese, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and English. The move we in collaboration with everstake- one of PSTAKEs validators.

New listings, staking pools and rewards

Persistence’s $XPRT staking is now officially launched on Huobi pool. Users can nkw earn up to 30%APR by staking $XPRT on the Huobi pool.

StkATOM liquidity on Sushiswap has recently exceeded $6million barely two weeks on. More than $3million worth of stkATOM liquidity has entered the Sushiswap with about $6million in the stkATOM/ETH pool.

Good to know that stkATOM holders can still earn up to 7% staking rewards, trading fees from the pool, and LP rewards. Early sushi pool liquidity providers will be rewarded with $pSTAKE.

Did you know that $XPRT is now supported on pSTAKE liquidity staking. To do this, you nkw wrap and stake $XPRT on pSTAKE to receive $stkXPRT in rewards as LP token. This development will allow users to secure the Persistence ecosystem as they will soon be able to take advantage of ETH DeFi at the same time which hopefully will come with a higher $XPRT staking reward rate.

Don’t sleep on this reward pool from pSTAKE. pSTAKE users can now provide liquidity for stkXPRT/ETH pool on sushiswap. Holders can earn staking rewards up to 32% trading fees from the pool plus liquidity provider rewards. The adoption of pSTAKE beats your imagination and to say that it has exceeded $10million in Total value Locked, TVL sincee the uncapped launch of pSTAKE in less than one month. Within this time frame, more thab $10million worth if $ATOM has entered the liquidity staking protocol.

As if those are not enough, Persistence’s $XPRT Futures are now listed and available on AscendEX. AscendEx is a global asset exchange that offers digital asset trading on spot, margin and Futures trading. Now with the new trading pair, XPRT/USDT, Persistence users can enjoy spot and Futures trading from a single platform.

Partnership and Collaboration

In a recent development, Persistence has now been integrated with starname. Starname is an asset name service that allow users to claim a part of the blockchain use for payment identify. Users can register with the Persistence star name with thier Gmail for free. Click here to register with a Persistence starname for free.

In another news, Everstake, one of Persistence top-tier validators has recently created a new blockchain explorer for Persistence. This tool will help the efficiency of the navigation nodes on the persistence network to avoid redundancy especially as the number of transactions and stakers on Persistence continues to grow.


Different dimensions of staking is obviously available on the Persistence network and not one is without a reward stream for liquidity providers. Again, if there is one more event you should miss, I should never be ‘the risebof Cosmos’. This event will host thought leaders in the cryptoverse taking about growth and development. We hope you join so we can grow together.

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