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My previous article focused solely on NFTs, their functions and, also their modes of operation.

The article was focused particularly on Scapes, which are the NFTs concerned with the Seascape Network.

Many have asked questions concerning the Seascape's NFTs, questions which were not attended to in the previous article. This article intends to clear the air and make provide a better understanding of the subject matter.


What are Scapes?

This was properly handled in the previous article.

You can refer back if you missed the article;

Where can I get/collect/trade Scapes?

Scapes are available on several top exchanges namely;






What can I do with Scapes?

Scapes are designed to be true financial assets. They are designed with great art and are also highly related to our products, gaming industry, and crypto culture. On our platform, players will be able to stake and earn rewards on their NFTs, but claiming a staked NFT for rewards will have consequences (staked NFTs will be burned when players claim the CWS rewards).

Where is the best place to see my NFTs?

Presently, Seascape does not provide a gallery function for users to view NFTs they own. Instead, users are encouraged to view them on exchanges. Currently, the only place where users can view their NFTs is on exchanges, namely OpenSea, Treasureland, or BakerySwap. But this will be remedied in the future! Stay tuned.

How can I stake my Scapes?

Scapes can be staked in the upcoming game Staking Saloon, in which players can stake NFTs in exchange for Crowns. Future games will allow lower-level NFTs to be staked in exchange for higher-level ones, as well as other NFT staking mechanics. Stay tuned for further updates!

What are the current use cases of Scapes?

NFTs on Seascape right now have limited use cases, but this will change as new games are added. Users will soon be able to stake NFTs for Crowns or other NFTs, and in the future accrue interest as well as much more finance uses. In the meantime, it's a good idea to hold on to your Scapes or trade them on DEXes such as OpenSea, Treasureland, and BakerySwap. Stay tuned for further developments.

Is the supply of your NFTs limited?

Scapes are user-generated, so there is no max limit. However, events, where they are created, are limited in time. We are developing a library site to make supply and NFT info clearer which users should keep an eye out for. For now, we have 6 different characters of gen-0 common quality, minted on 2 different chains, ETH and BSC, via our Profit Circus game and the NFTBrawl. As future generations are generated, more qualities will also become available.

Where can I farm Scapes?

Right now, the best way to get your hands on FREE Seascape NFT is to play NFTBrawl. Every new player is rewarded with a free common NFT just for playing! Currently, all existing NFTs are of common quality, so they all have the same power. Higher-quality ones will become available when our next game launches. Check out the links below:

Play NFT Brawl;


Will there be a bridge at some point?

As of right now, we do not have a bridge for NFTs, but we are currently working on a partnership that will provide a bridge that should be ready later this year. As always, stay tuned with us for updates.

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