Shopify now in AssetMantle NFTs framework

  • It bridges that gap between interoperability of different NFTs asset classes
  • It provides tool that enable the creation of compatible and interoperable NFTs marketplaces
  • Its promotes NFTs minting, NFTs transfer using non-standard Inter-blockchain communication
  • It provides opportunities for artists, and content creators to create specific NFTs categories still within the AssetMantle protocol suite.
  • The AssetMantle blockchain uses a decentralised Proof of Stake dPOS consensus mechanism that uses a green planet energy.
  • It uses an Inter-NFT standard. This makes it possible for interoperability of different NFTs asset classes
  • The dPOS built into Assetmantle infrastructure makes it possible to carry out huge transactions efficiently, quick and with low transaction charges

Call for AssetMantle validators

Following the updates on AssetMantle, there is a call from PersistenceOne, on testnet validators who shall join the AssetMantle validator delegation program. The purpose is to gather data from the consensus protocol on a larger scale.

PersistenceOne Explorer update

The PersistenceOne blockchain explorer has recently been updated and optimisation to give a detailed on-chain blockchain data breakdown like;

  • Transactions traffic total transaction per 10,000 block
  • Total accounts
  • Total Transactions
  • XPRT amount received
  • User Interfaces optimizations
  • In-wallet rewards sub-tab showing total rewards
  • Withdrawal address
  • Rewards for each validator

PStake Fundraiser

PStake has raised over $10million to bootstrap its liquid staking infrastructure. PStake is One of PersistenceOne’s product suites that deals with staking. Not long ago, it introduced liquid staking into its platform to allow liquidity providers use their staked tokens while also having it staked in their platform.


PersistenceOne is more than just a blockchain projects, it is an ecosystem that houses many blockchain product suites and each of them operates independently with their governance token.



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