Share the Joy! 3 Christmas Giveaways to Join on Dogechain

Aniel Essien
5 min readDec 24, 2023

Christmas is a time of joy, peace, and love. It is also a time of giving and receiving. And what better way to celebrate this festive season than by joining some amazing giveaways on Dogechain?

An uptrend bullish market is coming in 2024 and you can make the most of it by accumulating some low-cap tokens and memecoins with a lot of prospects and a based team. $DOGE and $DC are two assets that my eyes stay fixated on. (This is no financial advice; do your research)

You can add $DC to your bag by participating in these giveaways and drops that are happening right now on Dogechain; they are easy to join, fun to participate in, and rewarding to win.

Here are the details of each giveaway and how you can enter them:

1. The Governance Proposal Vote to Migrate to Polygon CDK & Get Airdropped from a 4,000,000 $DC Reward Pool.

Dogechain plans to migrate its blockchain from Polygon Edge to Polygon CDK. This is a crucial decision that will affect the future of Dogechain and its users, hence the vote.

By migrating to Polygon zkEVM CDK, Dogechain will become a zk-rollup of Ethereum, which means it will have more compatibility and scalability with other Ethereum-based projects and will eliminate the need for third-party bridges.

If you are a $DOGE or $DC holder, you have the power to vote for or against this proposal and get a share of the 4,000,000 $DC reward pool. Voting ends on December 30th. Vote early!

Steps to Vote

First, get the assets to need a med to vote:

  1. If you have $DOGE in a centralized exchange, bridge to the Dogechain network in a custodial wallet to get WDOGE using the Dogechain native bridge.
  2. If you have $DC in a CEX, send it to your non-custodial wallet.

(Every asset should be in a non-custodial wallet. So download one if you don’t have one. Metamask and Tokenpocket are the most recommended.)

3. If you need to buy $DOGE or $DC, do so on CEXs: Kucoin, MEXC, or Then, perform the actions above.

OR buy on a decentralized exchange: Quickswap or FraxFinance, but you must have wrapped $DOGE (i.e. WDOGE) for gas.

You can swap $WDOGE for $DC too. DogeShrek, a community-made DEX works cool for me.

4. Stake $DC on the Dogechain PoS Locker to get veDC.

Once you connect your wallet, input the number of $DC you want to stake, the duration you want to stake for, and “Stake”.

veDC will be added to your wallet automatically; you don’t have to add any contract address.

Next, VOTE:

  1. Visit the Dogechain DAO, where all governance votes hold.
  2. Connect your Dogechain wallet to the DAO.
  3. Click on the ⚡Live vote: “Governance Vote Proposal — Dogechain on Polygon ZkEVM”
  4. Go to either of the “Vote For” or “Vote Against” sections and input the amount of veDC tokens you want to use to vote.

Are you voting for or against? This is where you get to decide.

5. Click on “Vote”, then approve the transaction and that’s it! You’re done!

Note: You will be rewarded tokens at the kind of vote which you will claim to get back your veDC.

Over 96% of the votes are in favour of the proposal. Amazing!

2. The Holidaze Spectacular 500,000 $DC Giveaway on Galxe

This generous giveaway by Dogechain is for its loyal and supportive community, which will enable many a chance to add to their $DC bags.

There will be 50 lucky winners selected by a random raffle draw. The giveaway campaign ends on December 31st, 2023; hurry!

Steps to Join

  1. Visit Dogechain’s Galxe Space for the campaign and connect to your wallet, Twitter page, or any other method.
  2. Complete all the tasks that are listed on the Galxe Space. These tasks are very simple and will help you increase your engagement with Dogechain.

They are:

- Follow Dogechain’s Twitter

- Join Dogechain Discord

- Join Dogechain Telegram

- Like and Repost Dogechain’s Holidaze Spectacular ANN post

- Comment on the post by tagging 2 friends and wish them happy holidays!

By completing these tasks, you will accumulate points that will make you eligible for the raffle. The more points you have, the higher your chances of winning.

3. Join the GensoKishi and Dogechain Power-Up Campaign.

This campaign is a collaboration between Dogechain and GensoKishi, an immersive metaverse game on Polygons to reward users with special gifts to celebrate Dogecoin’s 10th anniversary.

GensoKishi created 50 exclusive Skateboarding Doge NFTs and is giving all of them away to 50 lucky participants!

Steps to Join

  1. Buy and hold $DOGE on Dogechain and $MV on Polygon in your wallet.

To get $DOGE on Dogechain, you need to bridge your Dogecoin from the main network in a CEX to the Dogechain network in your non-custodial wallet using the Dogechain native bridge. You can do this by visiting this link:

To get $MV on Polygon, you need to buy some MV tokens from the GensoKishi website.

2. Be set for three snapshots of your wallet balances between December 8th and January 8th, 2024.

Your eligibility for the raffle will be determined by the average of your holdings from the three snapshots.

- The 1st snapshot will require you to have at least 1500 $WDOGE (wrapped $DOGE on Dogechain).

- The 2nd snapshot will require you to have at least 1000 $WDOGE.

- The 3rd snapshot will require you to have at least 0 $WDOGE.

Your average holdings from the three snapshots must be higher than 1500 $WDOGE to qualify for the raffle. For instance, if you have (1500+1000+0)/3 = 833 $WDOGE on average, you will not qualify.

In addition, the top 10 wallets with the highest average holdings will also get a special “DOGE TO THE MOON” rocket launcher NFT in the GensoKishi metaverse!

For more information, read the official announcement.

And there we have it! Santa Dogechain brought in a lot of presents. Make the most of these avenues to gain awesome rewards and revel in the Holiday spirit!

Dogechain wishes you “Happy Holidays” with so much DOGE love and so do I!🐕⛄🎄

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