Seascape weekly event recap

The financial atmosphere that DeFi affords the cryptosphere is beyond monetary transactions, trades, and all. It yields more from interconnectivity, networking, and partnership. This explains why Seascape always links up to new partners while pursuing its goal of rewarding users and developers in its platform. And this week, Seascape partners with Wault Finance in addition to other events, news, and activities that can set your mind singing.

Seascape partners with Wault Finance

Seascape over the week, after initiating its partnership deal with Wault Finance is slated to be listed for trades on the Wault Finance trades platform. However, on the 21st of June 2021, Seascape joined hands with Wault to bring on board a reward pool and farm for their users at large to benefit from. In detail, users will be able to stake WEX ( the native token of Wault) to earn pCWS ( the native token of Seascape). This reward pool will go on for as long as two months as $100 worth of pCWS rewards is set to be awarded on stakes.

Wault Finance is a decentralized financial protocol that has a central connection for all basic DeFi use cases. It makes it a center of attraction for decentralized apps including Seascape.

Wault Finance offers a cheaper affordable transaction rate relatively, a simple user interface, and has an automated burning mechanism. It’s also interesting that its platform is built to charge as low as 3% in transaction tax rates from Its users which runs into their liquidity pool.

As a one stop-spot for DeFi platforms, we hope that Wault partnership with Seascape will scale user interactivity with the seascape platform

Sweet side News

With Seascape, there are endless opportunities to earn and get rewarded. Over the week we saw how Seascape brought the Staking saloon back into its system which is already running till the 22nd of August 2021. The staking saloon is currently running on the Ethereum and Binance Smart chain alike and plenty of rewards are on the ground for grabs.

The Staking saloon will feature staking of Scapes to get $Crowns in reward as well as burning scapes in the process.

Meanwhile, not up to 24hrs into the staking pool, over 2500 wallets were recorded in the staking saloon while reaching a milestone of #2 in user and volume on BSC.

Announcing NFT summer trading campaign

Seascape has also announced a collaboration with treasureland and Dego Finance is conducting a summer trading contest that is slated to run between June 25th to July 7th, 2021.

The NFT trading contest is packaged to feature staking and burning opportunities, a single unit and special scape to be won, and a raffle draw session.

How to participate

This new series of NFT contests are open for all NFT traders and to participate actively you must fill this form, have a wallet on Treasureland, and must be trading on Treasureland V2. Only wallet addresses registered on the form will be considered for the summer trading contest.

Each wallet is entitled to a maximum of 5tickets and for every 3scapes you buy or sell, a Ticket will be added to help you qualify for the raffle. Winners will be selected randomly and to be announced on July 14th.

About Seascape

Seascape is an ultimate gaming platform designed to function within the DeFi and NFT framework. The Seascapes platform in its most real nature is meant to benefit its users and developers alike while interacting with their favorite games.

Follow up on Seascape various announcement channels for active participation and support throughout the program.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.


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