Seascape partnered DAFI Protocol to revolutionize the Gaming world by integrating dCWS tokens to introduce new reward mechanisms

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The DeFi gaming industry is making big waves. Seascape’s gaming and NFTs platform will look to employ DAFI’s revolutionary rewards model to fuel long-term NFT action by balanced metrics of demand and supply. DAFI Protocol has designed an entirely new inflation model that can significantly contribute to the long-term growth and drive mainstream adoption of diverse blockchain networks. Its primary mission is to enable projects to seamlessly integrate flavored dTokens to create new ‘Super Staking’ reward mechanisms that limit excess supply and maintain scarcity.

Incentivizing iGaming by integrating DAFI’s flavor to combat hyperinflation

Under the purview of this partnership, Seascape will soon be able to create dTokens after the successful integration with DAFI. Seascape will be employing dCWS tokens for their ecosystem requirements. The new feature will allow Seascape to create a new movement in their decentralized economy. It will primarily utilize dTokens for seamless reward distribution based on different metrics while also enabling staking for its users.

DAFI employs a completely new reward model that puts an end to hyperinflation. Its flavored dTokens limit excess supply in any decentralized economy, thus protecting the network from supply shocks. This allows market participants to benefit the most in terms of increasing staking rewards in times of greater demand but also maintaining scarcity when demand is low. The influx of synthetic tokens in the Seascape ecosystem will drive goals of gamification for people who love games by incentivizing them most optimally with the introduction of dCWS.

With users attracted towards iGaming due to increased incentives, it is important to infuse DAFI’s synthetic tokens which can drive better rewards structure $CWS users. This will drive the overall utility of the platform attracting long-term users this unique model will instill a high degree of confidence for $CWS users.

Dafi growing better users within Seascape

DAFI is competing with a broken model that was previously employed by blockchain networks for widespread adoption. The model involved the distribution of large token quantities within the community as staking rewards to attract users to the platform and drive utility. This is a flawed model, inflating the circulating supply and only benefiting the short-term supporters for the early exit. However, this would be a significant hurdle for network adoption. DAFI designed a solution wherein the users would be incentivized proportionally per the network demand. This will help in fuelling the token utility at the same time incentivize long-term users who are keen on the future growth of the platform.

With the Seascape thriving ecosystem as a one-stop solution for gaming and NFTs, it is important to incentivize users appropriately to cement its place as a leader in the space. While Seascape’s aspirations involve truly incentivizing users to unleash the potential of the gaming industry. DAFI enables the creation of synthetics which is instrumental in distributing project rewards, bounties, and staking to the community users. This partnership will shelve greater excitement by strengthening DeFi adoption. The integration of synthetic CWS could induce network adoption for future growth.

Zain Rana, Founder of DAFI protocol had this to say about this partnership.

“ Today, gaming platforms possess DeFi attributes such as staking and liquidity mining mechanisms to attract users to their platform. With appropriate incentivization being a key in the decentralized space, DAFI synthetic tokens allow the creation of a more user-focused experience. The integration of DAFI’s functionalities into the Seascape ecosystem will benefit the network. Synthetic dCWS tokens will fuel sustainability and will simulate long-term network activity in the Seascape ecosystem.”

Seascape CEO, David Johansson had this to say regarding the collaboration

“Tokenized rewards are revolutionizing the game industry, but need to be balanced carefully concerning project tokenomics. This partnership with Dafi will allow us a great deal of flexibility by setting conditions for how users will be able to redeem their CWS rewards. This will allow us to continue offering great rewards to our gamers without inflating the CWS supply more than necessary. This flexibility will allow us to innovate more and more with how we disperse our tokens through future games, and we are looking forward to integrating Seascape deeper into the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.”

About DAFI Protocol

DAFI reinvents how every decentralized network is rewarded. By creating synthetics pegged to different decentralized networks, every blockchain and cryptocurrency can create a dToken flavor to reward their early users while still enhancing scarcity when demand is low.

DAFI can reward a network even when demand declines by issuing synthetics that will reward user’s later — instead of earlier. This approach will change the foundation of all staking, liquidity, and even social reward systems for the entire decentralized world.

About Seascape

Seascape Network is a new gaming platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economies. The team uses gamification, DeFi, and NFTs to build an incentivized ecosystem for crypto gamers, developers, and influencers. Their official token is Crowns, which goes by the ticker CWS / pCWS, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing.

Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing. To ensure this, they will continue developing and improving client and launcher solutions, bringing the true value of DeFi to a new and hungry population, unleashing a new world of gaming that the world has never seen before.

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