Seascape Launches Its Second Game - NFT Brawl

NFT Brawl is the latest and the second of Seascape’s DeFi games based around common concepts , and it’s all about the Scapes.

NFT Brawl was Launched by Seascape Network a couple of days ago and within this period, the game has seen over five thousand Crowns being spent.

Users can spend Crowns (CWS) to get their hands on Seascape’s original NFTs, Scapes. Getting the liberty to acquire various qualities of Scapes, and get Critical hits, every fifth minting!.

Users with pCWS can also use their coin to get their hands on freshly minted Seascape NFTs, on the game too.


1) Spend 1 to 10 CWS/pCWS

2) Up to 2 times per hour (applying a 30 minutes cooldown time per stake)

3) Mint random NFTs of every quality

4) fifth mintings are CRITICAL!

5) feel free to use them however you like.

Also, thousands of Scapes have been minted and are snuggled nicely in the crypto-wallets of the mega chads playing the game.

Most interestingly, Seascape is gearing up to issue out its very first PayWave.The PayWave is a function unique to Seascape, in which Crowns spent on the platform are re-distributed to all its stakeholders.

All holders of Crowns can look forward to getting their hands on some more Crowns from the amount spent within the predetermined period. This means that Crowns holders just can’t stop winning. Over 300k worth of Crowns are to be redistributed to the holders.

NFT Brawl is also the first of Seascape’s games designed to let users gain higher quality and rare NFTs, tradeable on the open market or exchangeable in later games for Crown rewards.

These NFTs can be collected, traded on various DEXes, such as OpenSea, Treasureland, or BakerySwap. Also, they can be held onto in anticipation of our next game based entirely around NFTs.

A detailed guide on how to participate;

Step I:

- Attach your wallet and make sure it’s set to the corresponding chain. (ETH)

Step II:

-Click on the plus sign in the middle of the secret door. Choose a number 1-10 for the number of Crowns you would like to stake.

Step III:

-Click on “Mint NFT” for a random NFT.

On the Leaderboard, users can get rewarded for their regular gameplay. There will be rewards for daily Crowns expenditure, as well as rewards for NFT all-time minting which can only be claimed after the ending of the event. Rewards can be collected cumulatively. Each time you collect daily rewards, all previous uncollected rewards will be withdrawn at once. For critical mints, the rates for getting higher quality NFTs increase dramatically in your favor.


Seascape is revolutionizing the way the world looks at NFTs. Popular as collector’s items, or as a method for purchasing discrete items such as tickets, NFTs have a range of uses. As they grow in popularity, Seascape is providing a new way to realize NFT’s true potential as financial assets.

Stay excited about the true power of DeFi as Seascape Network continues ramping things up


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