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Over the week, it has been all about NFT engagement for Seascape and their new and old partners. Seascape has not backed down on the continuous partnership with Apeswap as long as building its ecosystem is concerned. As recorded this week, Seascape and Apeswap are teaming up for something bigger this summer. As all rewards for previous events have been fully granted, Seascape is set for fresh deals that will fetch the host of its community lots of sweet side rewards.

Below is a run-down of Seascape’s activities over the week;

Granted rewards

Seascape in collaboration with Apeswap has earlier graduated a list of winners from the just concluded NFT competition and NFT Summer trading competition. So over the week, the winners were named and their rewards were granted accordingly. Over 24 participants won prizes in the NFT summer trading raffle last season while winners of the NFT competition received a copy of their own NFts as prizes.

NFT summer sales

Seascape’s partnership with Apeswap has just got juicier, and guess what, they are partnering to mint NFTs on Refinable this summer. Apeswap and Seascape’s NFTs are now available on Refinable.

In addition to the NFTs listing, this partnership promises that some of their future games will feature user’s NFTs. As long as they are minted, curated, and chosen by the Seascape and Apeswap community, these NFTs stand a chance to be featured in future community games.

The ‘give to charity’ campaign

Seascape is deep into community building but this time, they h outdid themselves, Seascape teamed up with Babyswap_bsc to mint and sell over 143 Non-fungible babies for charity. Each of the NFTs was sold at 0.1$BNB and the profits made would be given out to charity.

Barely two hours after the auction commenced, the NFT Seascape and Babyswap NFT series sold out on treasureland NFTs. So it is on record that the Seascape teamed up for a give-back campaign that gave community capacity building a meaning.

Seascape partnership with Binance

Seascape is partnering with BinanceNFT to bring you exclusive NFT dishes coming your way through what they call BSC mystery boxes. This partnership is regarded as one of the best NFT deals since the year began.

It appears Seascape will be teaming up with BinanceNFT to offer exclusive NFTs from the upcoming zombie series on the BinanceNFTs marketplace. They will feature a limited version of a Zombie slayer character — Wichita, that will become available only through the Binance smart chain customized Mystery boxes.

This NFT partnership would produce high-quality and rare kinds of NFTs that are capable of fetching better fortunes in the future if acquired now. This is quite encouraging for the NFT enthusiast and investors to swing into action and higher quality NFTs stand a better chance to yield higher revenue.


One can hardly stop a moving train, it’s best to join a moving train to enjoy the progress. Seascape is like the moving train and it’s taking as many partners as possible to motivate its progress. There is more to announce hopefully as July progresses.

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