Recap of Seascape’s July events

Seascape hit one of the major milestone in the history of it’s NFT and gaming journey in yet again in July, despite the prevalent market downturns. The partnerships, reward pools, games and fun moments all made July 2021 a hit for the Seascape network. Very quickly, in this article is a rundown of Seascape’s month recap for July and what’s on the pipeline for August.

Talking about milestone, Seascape finally got in to partner with BinanceNFTs and has already started dishing mouth watering events on the go. The ending days of July 2021 saw Seascape and BinanceNFT plan to release a mystery boxes on Binance NFT market, although the main event was slated for August, July marked the beginning of this journey.

Still in July, Seascape partnered with the Legends of Crypto, LoC for short to brings their users an NFT design contest. This helped to keep the network heated up amidst the dragging market condition before now.

More so, Babyswap came on board with a sweet side reward pool for Seascape and Babyswap users alike. Babyswap offered a new farming and reward pool that allows Seascape users to earn its native token $BABY and ofcourse Babyswap users to earn Seascape’s $CWS.

Another milestone, to say the least is the narrative of how Seascape users bridged over $1million $CWS on the polynetwork. Recall that Seascape had partnered with polynetwork to permit seamless cross-chain transactions. The best of polynetwork’s infrastructure on Seascape has become evident in its volume of usage on Seascape.

What’s in the pipeline for August

Recall that Seascape’s partnership with BinanceNFTs started with a mystery box sales and was slated for August 3 rd 2021. Well, the even sold out with Seascape’s mystery boxes sold out within 2seconds.

However considering the need, Seascape network has settled on giving another chance, for those who missed out, to win from the MysteryBox drop slated to span for August 5 th to August 18 th . 10 random winners will be picked and rewarded.

To qualify, users must do the following

 Register on Binance NFT market using Seascape’s referral link

 Then wait lucky winners will be picked using their user ID and contacted afterwards.

Meanwhile, Seascape has finally commenced its staking pool deal with BSC Station early this August.

Seascape has announced that it will commence a two single token staking pool with BSCS by August, by the time of writing this article the even is still up and running till the 60days mark is over.

It is no longer news that Seascape’s usage is slowly outgrowing its popularity. Barely a week after it ranked #1 on Treasureland on volume of trading, Seascape ranked #3 on Ranchimall’s list of top 3 collectible dApps on Binance Smart Chain. Not long after that has Seascape settled to organize a giveaway in conjunction with Coinmarketcap. What more does Seascape have in stock? Only time will tell.

Call to Action

The market as we see recently is getting back on its feet, and from key market indicators, not too long will the market heat up. As Seascape and other networks gear up for the new season, check out possible options to invest, and earn with Seascape network.

About Seascape

Seascape Network is a new gaming platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economies. The team uses gamification, DeFi, and NFTs to build an incentivized ecosystem for crypto gamers, developers, and influencers. Their official token is Crowns, which goes by the ticker CWS / pCWS, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing.

To ensure this, they will continue developing and improving client and launcher solutions, bringing the true value of DeFi to a new and hungry population, unleashing a new world of gaming that the world has never seen before.

Follow up on Seascape various announcement channels for active participation and support throughout the program.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.


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