Recap of Seascape’s eventful May

The entire crypto market experienced a rough May as too many concerns were born out of the market’s volatility and doubts against the possibilities of a surge in the nearest future. Technically, the Seascape community had a taste of the pie; likewise, there are lots of accomplishments to make up for the sorrowful May. Talk about games, updates, events, partnership and appealing reward system that has boosted the Seascape ecosystem over time, including community capacity building.

Introducing single-coin staking of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) version of the profit Circus season2 was eventful and one of the best things the community ever experienced in May.So while version 1share similarities that work with the ethereum network, the BSC single-coin staking enables users to stake $Crowns to earn $Crowns. Seascape also saw a groundbreaking USD staking of about $2million using the BSC single-coin staking version, recording a breakthrough for Seascape.
Secondly, the crypto ecosystem relies so much on networking to promote growth, and to announce that $crown was listed on KuCoin in May is, to say the least. In essence, $Crown is available for purchase and withdrawals and now share trading pairs with CWS/USDT and pCWS/USDT in ERC-20 and BEP-20 on KuCoin.

Yet again, Seascape got grossly engaged in MathWallet and Alpaca Finance, a partnership that got Seascape sold out remarkably. In a bid to improve users' earnings, Seascape announced its partnership with MathWallet so that users, on interacting with this Seascape official wallet get mouth-watering rewards as over 20 lucky winners were rewarded with free scape USDT and MATH to split. Not forgetting that Seascape gave opportunities to users to take advantage of Alpaca Finance Farming with almost 10k $Crowns as a reward and Exclusive NFTs for grabs.
May was quite eventful as the celebration of $Crown listing on KuCoin with over 50k $Crowns rewards turned a new chapter as Seascape was also rewarded with a voice.
Guess what! Seascape was invited to the World Digital Assets Forum 2021. And to share and rub minds, Seascape representative, Nicki Li , was obliged to talk about the NFTs and what the future holds for the market.
It was a long month indeed, with the great accomplishments surpassing the worries. We are sorry if you missed out on any of the events but you can’t afford to miss what lies ahead. Do follow up via the announcementchannel for future updates.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.


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