Profit circus back now on BSC in grand style

This season is about to go grand not only with the announcement of Profit Circus season 4, but with the news that it is back now on Binance Smart chain. This season’s game came right on time and in style. Here are the juicy part of this Season’s profit circus gist:-

There will be two staking pools instead of one. The staking pools will be divided into the large pool and small pool. With the large pool, users can stake in $pCWS /BNB LP tokens from pancakeswap. The reward for the pool is very juicy throughout the season. The second, small pool is a single token staking. Users can stake $CWS to get more $CWS or stake $BNB/CWS to get $CWS. In all, stake atleast one LP token or 100$CWS to get a free scape.

The reward side of the staking upholds that staking in the double staking pool can fetch you over 50$CWS in rewards for the LP pool and 10$CWS for the single staking pool.

This season's profit circus will last up to 90days. Participants can get NFT as free gift for playing and staking for 24hours.

Again this profit circus season 4 is happening on Binance smart chain, soon you should be expecting profit circus on the Ethereum network and Moonriver.
What's more on the Seascape’s update list?
Staking saloon which started weeks back has just been concluded on Moonriver. All who participated are urged to ensure to claim their rewards and withdraw any other remaining scapes. Accordingly, the next season of staking saloon promises to be bang and juicy.

A call for campaign sailors
Remember the Moonscape project - IDO launchpad, they raising an awareness campaign and call for volunteer sailors. The IDO launchpad more than what you think, it is also an ecosystem.

For this reason, the Seascape team is recruiting volunteers, who are also game lovers to join the league of sea lions and ambassadors for the Seascape network. The volunteers will be using their influence, if recruited, to promote and communicate what Seascape has to offer.

What the volunteers stand to gain
The volunteer sailors will benefit the following:-
Early access to seascape events, games and community engagement
Exclusive events access
Will expand your network by joining seascapes ambassadors group
Recognition on social media as seascapes ambassador

In Conclusion, the Moonscape project is a big one, you can become part of the team when you participate as an ambassador. Not forgetting the profit circus on BSC, you don't want to loose out in any of these sweet side rewards.




A realist

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Aniel Essien

Aniel Essien

A realist

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