Persistence’s public outing with CEO

The growth of any industry can as well be measured by how much attention it calls to itself especially from the press. The multi-chain protocol that Persistence represents raises questions about its possible benefits to the DeFi protocol in the blockchain aside from what already exists. And so we have Persistence featured in several interviews, podcasts, articles, and press releases all emphasizing the various solutions that its network provides. Catch up with them just as you read on.

Persistence’s CEO featured on Forkast

The co-founder and CEO of the Persistence network, Tushar Aggarwal has recently featured in an interview with Forkast discussing how the decentralized Finance protocol, DeFi can unlock staking rewards and boost liquidity. Of course, as expected, he did not fail to seize that opportunity to talk about the privileges that accompany a multi-chain DeFi protocol like Persistence network from a high point of view.

A Podcast with Divi

As though that was not enough, Tushar Aggarwal, Persistence CEO and Co-founder also featured on a podcast with Divi, a cryptocurrency podcast, in an exclusive interview.

He discussed how Persistence is out to defy the usual blockchain and DeFi strategy by introducing a robust network to accommodate various customers.

AMA session with Cryptoviet

Not forgetting to talk about the Ask-me- anything session Persistence One held with Crypto Viet on September 23rd. Thanks to everyone who participated during the AMA as useful insights were revealed in that value-packed open session.

Interestingly, few persons seem to have gained more from participating in that AMA session. Four participants qualified for the AMA rewards, and already have them at the time of writing this article.

Persistence’s Audit. one partners with Cudos ecosystem

Audio. one, one of the major tiers of the Persistence network partners with the Cudos ecosystem to benefit as a staking validator. This information was published in a press release by Cointelegraph recently.

According to Persistence’s strategy and business developers, Rudraj Mahta, as noted in the press release, “Cudos’ efficient layer-two scaling solution fosters the growth of decentralized computing by tapping into the unused computing resources is a game-changer, and we are very excited to join the network as a validator partner”. is a staking-as-a-service provider arm of the Persistence network that supports leading PoS networks up to 15 networks and more.

The Cudos ecosystem, on the other hand, is a layer-one blockchain and layer-two computation and oracle network that promote a decentralized and permissionless access to high-performance computing despite the capacity of scale and supports scaling of computing resources.

From all indicators, it appears that the partnership is very symbiotic between and Cudos network as both parties have something interesting to offer and share for the blockchain ecosystem.

With an emphasis on the popularity of the Persistence network, the podcast, the interview, and the press release identity with the energy that the Persistence network is spreading. Each public outing records a fresh round of testimony.

About Persistence One

Persistence One is a budding ecosystem of web 3 financial products intended to serve both institutions and other crypto use cases. It features major tiers including a trading platform, staking-as-a-service provider, liquidity staking platform, and a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Persistence One focuses majorly on decentralized financial protocol, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and Proof of Stake (PoS) services.

For more information about Persistence ,please visit : Persistence One Community Chat Join the Persistence One Discord Server!


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