Persistence, growth, the media and the attraction

One of the astounding ways to monitor the growth of any project is the capacity and frequency of media attention it attracts. Persistence has been at the centre of media attraction with its numerous DeFi innovations. You can imagine that Persistence’s CEO, Tushar Aggarwal featured, among others, in an article on Beincrypto discussing how DeFi summer gave rise to liquidity staking. In the article, he discussed extensively on the current state of Proof of Stake space and its drastic growth within a short period.

Advising emerging projects on the opportunity in DeFi, persistence’s CEO has advised that there is an untapped liquidity staking in the DeFi sector. In his words “Creation of a bridge to the staking industry through liquid staking services is a natural next step for the deFi economy as it grows beyond its original foundation on ethereum”.

In another news, Persistence team entertained an interview with Chjango recently. Some of the issues that were tabled includes how the persistence network is evolving into a comprehensive suite of decentralized app servicing multiple verticals.

Using the Comdex and pSTAKE instance, the persistence team were able to explain to Chjango how persistence budding ecosystem adds real life value to its users. In essence, they create organic growth and incentivize stakeholders.

Quoting the team’s representative in the interview, “essentially what we want is to ensure that there is sufficient activity happening on the application layer on a 10 year horizon. If we can generate enough financial activity at the application level, that is success for us”.

Still on media and publicity, Persistence’s head of marketing, Abhitej Singh, will be a keynote speaker at Cosmoverse 2021. The event is to be held between November 5th and 6th 2021 at lisbon portugal. The head of Persistence marketing will be talking about recent development occurring within the persistence ecosystem and what the future holds for its projects.

Introducing retroactive rewards for stkTOKEN liquidity providers

pSTAKE is introducing a retroactive reward system for stkTOKEN liquidity providers. An impressive number of the total supply of pSTAKE tokens will be distributed to liquidity providers of stkATOM/ETH and stkXPRT/ETH pools on SushiSwap who stake their LP tokens during the ongoing campaign period.

According to plans, this measure is necessary to bootstrap liquidity of stkTOKENS and provide further token utility while rewarding active community members who contribute to pSTAKE growth.

Community news report for October 2021

AS the tradition is at Persistence network, community newsletters are released every month to keep investors abreast of community progress and developments. For October 2021, below is the highlight of october events;

  • The persistence network recorded impressive progress with pSTAKE
  • The community hosted Cosmos SZN — The rise of the Cosmos
  • Raised liquidity staking support for $XPRT which went live on pSTAKE
  • pSTAKE introduced retroactive $pSTAKE reward for liquidity providers of stkTOKEn pools on Sushiswap
  • XPRT perpetual futures launched on AscendEX

In the same way, the persistence network from time to time does release statistical statements of its financial progress. According to the recent report, stkXPRT/ETH pool on Sushiswap has crossed a $5million in Total Value Locked, TVL.

You can hardly shy away from the media presence especially when a great projects with breathtaking innovations are constantly sliding in from the same source. The persistence network is gradually carving a niche in DeFi and it seems they have not even started.

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