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This week, Seascape announced Refinable and Alpaca Finance as new partners

Partnership with Refinable

About Refinable

Invested by Binance and Mr. Beast, Refinable is the first major NFT marketplace on BSC, empowering both individual creators and beloved brands to easily and affordably create, discover, trade, and leverage NFTs. Supporting all communities who are engaging with NFTs is Refinable’s mission, Refinable looks forward to empowering the next generation of digital transactions.

The blockchain enthusiasts out there with refined tastes might already be familiar with Refinable, the NFT marketplace that’s starting to make some big waves. What sets them apart is their aim to be the definitive platform to create, discover, trade, and leverage any digital content on the blockchain. Seascape is teaming up to bring Scapes to the Refinable platform. Refinable’s fast, cost-effective and simple-to-use NFT platform jives well with Seascape’s aspirations in the NFT space, so together Seascape will be rocking the house to bring more NFT action to a wallet near you!

Seascape’s platform, which allows for the option of creating their ultimate blockchain gaming network is something to behold. Refinable’s experience and expertise in the NFT space will only contribute more to the already prevalent use of NFTs enabling the NFT owners to be eligible for the future bonus. This partnership hopes to push the frontiers of the blockchain gaming, DeFi, and NFT industries.

Seascape users will be able to easily list, buy, sell, and exchange gaming NFTs on the Refinable platform. But if that doesn’t cater to the most refined among you, peep this: Seascape will be releasing a series of special NFTs to celebrate the new partnership. This new NFT will not technically be a Scape, but rather something altogether new! And trust me, he’s pretty dang cool. Introducing: The Taurus of Scapes ( ), unleashing his fury in a crypto wallet near you!

Keep an eye on Seascape and Refinable’s social media for more info on how you can get your hands on this new NFT very soon! These brand new NFTs will have special staking opportunities on the Seascape platform in the future, so get them while they’re hot! And keep looking out for any new future developments from this partnership!

Partnership with Alpaca Finance

About Alpaca Finance

Alpaca Finance is the largest lending protocol allowing leveraged yield farming on Binance Smart Chain. It helps lenders to earn safe and stable yields, and offers borrowers undercollateralized loans for leveraged yield farming positions, vastly multiplying their farming principles and resulting profits.‌

They are a fair-launch project with no pre-sale, no investor, and no pre-mine. So from the beginning, this has always been a product built by the people, for the people. Or as they like to say: by the Alpacas, for the Alpacas.

Seascape is joining the range to offer users more ways to get in on leverage yield farming. On the pCWS-BNB pair over on PancakeSwap, which currently yields over 220% APR in CAKE Rewards, users will be able to open leveraged yield farming positions up to 2x. On May 17th, 2021, at 9 a.m. UTC, the pool will go live, so set your calendars. Users can also stake ibALPACA for $225K USD in pCWS incentives, which will be distributed over four weeks.

Total Rewards: 9,500 pCWS (~$225k USD)

pCWS Token Address: 0xbcf39f0edda668c58371e519af37ca705f2bfcbd

Rewards Period: 4+ weeks

Rewards Start Block: 7,485,000 (Approx. May 17th, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Rewards End Block: 8,291,400 (Approx. June 15th, 2021 10 AM GMT)

Alpaca is also offering exclusive NFTs for pool stakers, and they can surf their way into a wallet near you.

Requisite Disclaimer: While leverage trading has a high payoff potential, it is a risky business endeavor. Please exercise caution and always be safe and smart with leverage trading. Read the terms and conditions of each platform thoroughly and know exactly what you are signing up for. We wish all of you the best of luck with your ventures!

About Seascape

Seascape Network is a new gaming platform centered around the DeFi and NFT economies. The team uses gamification, DeFi, and NFTs to build an incentivized ecosystem for crypto gamers, developers, and influencers. Their official token is Crowns, which goes by the ticker CWS / pCWS, and is designed to incentivize all key stakeholders within the network. Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing.

Seascape’s main aim is to build a gaming platform that allows developers to publish high-quality games while also enabling users to earn Crowns and NFTs for their time spent playing. To ensure this, they will continue developing and improving client and launcher solutions, bringing the true value of DeFi to a new and hungry population, unleashing a new world of gaming that the world has never seen before.

Your Game. Your Rules.

Enjoy the Seascape.


Seascape Network