Overview of Sheesha Finance
Sheesha Finance is the hottest DeFi mutual fund with a diverse cryptocurrency portfolio and attractive rewards. Sheesha Finance provides inexhaustible DeFi tokens to investors of all sizes, from small ticket holders to large ticket holders, across a diversified portfolio of businesses. The easily convertible assets of Sheesha Finance can be freely utilised to maximize benefits and gain exposure to present and potential investments.
Sheesha Finance consists of a staff of DeFi professionals who believes that a large number of projects in the region are not transparent and may not possess high integrity. The team at Sheesha Finance is inspired to bring the industry a powerful, trustworthy, well-funded and strongly supported DeFi platform.
Sheesha Finance makes use of $Sheesha as its token, though not currently in use for trading but can be liquidated to earn LP tokens. The $Sheesha token can be used to stake and earn rewards by performing the following procedures listed below:
Go to Sheesha.finance and click on the platform where you bought the token from i.e Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain.
Connect your wallet.
Click on Staking (i.e Sheesha token or LP token).
Input amount you want to stake and click approve.
Once the transaction is confirmed, click on "Deposit".
Then confirm the transaction.
For more information, visit:
Website. https://www.sheesha.finance
Telegram: t.me/sheeshafinance
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/sheeshafinance

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