On this weeks updates from comdex spotlight

Comdex spotlight AMA

  • How does Comdex plan to attract users?
  • Have you done audits on the platform?
  • Has the smart contract been audited?
  • What are the test results?
  • Will comdex be IBC enabled from the get go and which wallet should be used for it?
  • What are the risks we should be aware of before using products offered on comdex?
  • Does Comdex seem to be abridge in gathering DeFi and ShipFi
  • How does Comdex plan to earn revenue
  • What are the factors that will decide the price of the comdex token once it is launched
  • Which are the commodity asset that will be launched first on the platform

Announcing Comdex Mainnet launch

Announcing CosmWasm code audit

Know your Comdex airdrop eligibility status

  • Vesting and XPRT accounts
  • Wallets which were in process or unstaking during snapshot
  • Exchange wallets and LPs are excluded from the airdrop eligibility

What to expect



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