On this weeks updates from comdex spotlight

From testnet launch, to airdrops and AMA sessions, the Comdex community can’t help but get engaged in preparation for the launch of the Comdex mainnet this November. Over the week, a number of community based engagements have come by, hope you did not miss out, but if you did, no worries. Here are highlights of the Comdex community activities over the week.

Comdex spotlight AMA

Over the week, the Comdex team had concluded an AMA session. The AMA with Comdex entertained a series of questions concerning its mainnet launch this November. Some of the questions asked came as follows;

  • How does Comdex plan to attract users?
  • Have you done audits on the platform?
  • Has the smart contract been audited?
  • What are the test results?
  • Will comdex be IBC enabled from the get go and which wallet should be used for it?
  • What are the risks we should be aware of before using products offered on comdex?
  • Does Comdex seem to be abridge in gathering DeFi and ShipFi
  • How does Comdex plan to earn revenue
  • What are the factors that will decide the price of the comdex token once it is launched
  • Which are the commodity asset that will be launched first on the platform

These are some of the questions that cameby by last week’s AMA. Good news, all of these questions were answered. Click here to get answers to these questions.

Announcing Comdex Mainnet launch

It is official, the launch for Comdex mainnet has finally been announced. Come 20th of November, 2021, Comdex mainnet will be announced. After the event of the launch, users can purchase the Comdex token $CMDX. More details on how to make the purchase on the mainnet will be released.

Meanwhile, the comdex testnet has been up and running successfully since its launch. The Comdex ecosystem has met the attention of over 40 onboard validators . There is a call for more validators to join. Interested about joining this team of validators, you are urged to drop a mail at info@comdex.one.

Announcing CosmWasm code audit

The CosmWasm 1.0 code audit has kicked off. There are about three basic assignments for this audit including 3 scopes of audit, bugs and fixes and partners and sponsors. The audit is handled by Interchain. More information on the progress of the audit will meet your audience soon.

Know your Comdex airdrop eligibility status

Users who staked XPRT or ATOM on their wallet or held it at the time of the snapshot in october 8, 2:30pm UTC should check their eligibility for the airdrop.

Accounts with the following shall not be eligible for the airdrop;

  • Vesting and XPRT accounts
  • Wallets which were in process or unstaking during snapshot
  • Exchange wallets and LPs are excluded from the airdrop eligibility

What to expect

In the next 9days, Comdex mainnet will officially be launched and made available to the public. As promised, information on how to access the Comdex asset commodities and its native token will be released shortly after the launch. On the validators call, more validators are expected to join other teams of validators to help consolidate the quality of the comdex ecosystem. And to keep the community informed on developments, more AMA sessions are likely to be held for the Comdex mainnet launch.

For more information visit the links below and stay connected with the latest update around the ecosystem

Website: https://comdex.one/home
•Telegram: https://t.me/ComdexChat
•Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComdexOfficial
•Medium: https://blog.comdex.one/

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