Now in Capture App: One-click listing to Opensea (Polygon)

Numbers Protocol is a decentralized digital media & photo network that enables its users to take pictures and publish them while fully owning them without any form of censorship and manipulation from media companies like found in centralized media settings/platforms.

Every photo taken by a user using Number Protocol’s Capture App is trackable to the user’s ID and unique. These photos are assets that can also be stored, published, and exchanged on the network.

Also, following very easy steps, through the Capture App, a user can easily convert their photos (capture assets) into Polygon NFTs and enlist them on OpenSea.

I’ll take you through a walkthrough of the steps:

1. The first step is to create a Network Action through the Capture App.

i. When you go into your Capture App, click on the captured asset (photo).

ii. Click on the 3-dot icon on the top-right of your capture and then tap on “Network Actions”.

iii. Scroll down to “Mint Polygon NFT” and click on it.

iv. Caption your capture and once done, confirm your order by paying the required fee and gas fees.

2. The 2nd step is to get the OpenSea URL Link of your NFT.

i. After the process of Step 1 (iv) is complete, return to the front page and tap on “Activity” located at the top right.

ii. In the “Network Action” section, click on your capture, and the Order Details and the OpenSea URL Link will pop up.

3. The 3rd step is to connect your wallet (preferably MetaMask) and setting your NFT’s listing price.

i. Once the Order Details and OpenSea URL Link pop up, as stated in Step 2 (ii), click on the URL link and you’ll be redirected to Wallet Connect.

ii. Connect your wallet and return to the page and it will be connected.

iii. Click on “Sell” and input a price and your sale duration.

iv. Continue by clicking on “Complete Listing” and proceed to the other steps, accept the conditions to complete the listing.

v. You have successfully been listed!

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