More wins as seascape ready for August lineup events

As the interest in NFTs keeps growing as seasons go by, NFT platforms like seascape keep gaining popularity and leverage for NFT related transactions. Seascape moreover has hit an astounding mark in NFTs trade volume over the week in addition to other sweet side partnership deals.

This week on Seascape’s diary, Seascape has been listed #1 on Treasureland among the top 10 NFTs in 7D trading volume. Twice in June 2021, Seascape was listed among the top 10 Binance Smart Chain NFT games then later, as #2 in Binance smart chain in trades volume. The tale of Seascape’s growth is best told by the testimonies of analytic platforms like Treasureland.

Meanwhile, Seascape has also sealed another partnership deal with Babyswap very recently. This partnership will enable Seascape users to earn rewards for trading a certain pair on the Babyswap platform. In detail, users can earn $BABY — Babysawp native token, by trading $USDT&$CWS (Seascape’s native token) on the Babyswap platform.

In addition, users can earn more rewards by staking $BABY to earn pCWS tokens. Here is how to stake BABY;-

  • Visit Babyswap liquidity page
  • Click on “Add liquidity
  • Select the pairs
  • Go over to the farm section
  • Select the pairs
  • Start earning

$BABY mining on Babyswap is currently live and running on its platform, there is a call urging Seascape users to join the mining as they will enjoy 2x farm rewards for a long long time with USDT/CWS pair.

Still, in the spirit Seascape and Babyswap partnership celebration, over $500 are in rewards as partnership rewards to 10 random winners. Each to receive not less than $50 with $BABY and $CWS.

Seascape x BinanceNFT

Come August 3rd, 2021, Seascape will bring the best of its limited edition of Scapes to BinanceNFT for sales. The Limited Edition Scapes will be unveiled via Binance MysteryBox where players can access and start staking them for rewards.

In the meantime, Seascape has a $50 giveaway in reward, all you need to do is to

  • Follow Seascape on Twitter
  • Retweet the tweet about the event
  • Register on Binance NFT
  • Join Seascape network news
  • Submit the entry. Join the Seascape telegram group to participate

Seascape x BSC Station

Seascape and BSC station are collaborating to bring you TWO single token staking pools to help its token holders earn more. BSCStation is underway to build a full-stack DeFi with NFT auction infrastructure on the Binance Smart Chain.

BSCstationis has teamed up with Seascape to bring its users a 60days staking pool where users can take $CWS to get $BSCS token as rewards. In reverse, Holders of $BSCS can also stake them to earn big.

Every event and partnership on Seascape is an opportunity to earn big. Follow closely for more opportunities on the Seascape network.

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