Mogul Production-Decentralized film financing (DeFiFi)

Mogul Mission

The mission of this esteem production is to drive innovation in the film industry through inclusion, information, and access to financing.


To become the future of film by setting a gold standard for production financing, oversight, fan engagement, and profitability.

Stars Token

Stars token is required for access to the mogul platform and is used as an in-app currency to purchase rewards and pay for actions within the platform. It powers the mogul platform.

  • Submit projects for consideration
  • Vote for the next big block bluster
  • Redeem exclusive rewards
  • Earn through staking
  • Spend on the platform.

Mogul Access Pass

The mogul production platform has a limited-time promotion. Mogul offers a fixed number of exclusive access passes that will include a bonus amount of Stars and NFT badge that will provide the holder with greater access and physical



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