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You can always count on a progressive team for constant updates on events and records of progressive growth. Here is a weekly highlight of statistical updates from the ecosystem.

  • The team has recorded $11million plus in total value locked, TVL, in stkXPRT/ ETH in sushiswap pool
  • The total $XPRT wallet addresses has exceeded 20,000
  • pSTAKE has raised about $10million from bootstrapping
  • pSTAKE and stakeLP has exceeded a total of 52million in TVL; $37million from pStake liquid staking and $15million of $WETH participation in stkTOKEN
  • A new security audit has been concluded for pSTAKE over the week

Meet the pSTAKE security audit team

Consensys Diligence is the auditing team behind the recent pSTAKE security audit. They have successfully completed a security update for pSTAKE smart contract protocol, and have pointed out eight case issues and recommendations for each. Some of the issues cycled on the code flow, fee tracking, security specifications, gas consuming nodes, trust models, among others.

Consensys Diligence is an auditing suite of Consensys, an Ethereum software company. Their experience is topnotch judging from the number of previous audits with other projects. I’m talking about over 100 and more blockchain projects including Aave,and OX. Infact their team is behind the development of Metamask, truffle and some other web 3 tools.

Persistence is Hiring

Application is still open to interested persons who would like to join the Persistence ambassadorial team. Persistence is hiring more hands to promote efficiency in its workflow. Applications are open for social media managers, Content writers, research Analyst, Video producer and Editor. Click here to apply .

Feedback on Assetmantle validators call

Not long after the call for validators for one of Persistence product suites, Assetmantle, overwhelming responses were recorded. Assetmantle received more than 420 responses since the call for the testnet validators programme. About 300 validators are already on the task. Your contribution was really helpful.

Persistence now supported on Keplr mobile app

Good news! Persistence users and investors can now access and manage their assets via the Keplr app. This is a new development and a very impressive one at that. With the keplr app, users can store, stake, send and receive $XPRT directly from inside the Keplr app. It is downloadable on IOS and Android.

In other news

The constant media presence that the Persistence’s product suites calls is worth craving. I mean, not long after the past media appearances, the Persistence team still makes a fresh line up of similar sessions with the media. Recently, the Persistence CEO, Tushar Aggarwal and his team made several appearances with the media via interviews, open conversation, and podcasts.

In one of the interviews with Kryptoseol, Turshar discusses the Persistence product suites and how much of its products’ infrastructure can serve the blockchain in the future. In another podcast with Interchain-FM, The CEO also discusses the progress of the Persistence product suites. Not to mention the open conversation where he revealed how India is likely to play a keynote role in building the future.

You can tell how much effort the team has put into its project by the number of conversations, and questions that constantly point to the Persistence’s product suites.

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