Missed out? Catch up with update on the week’s events

  • The team has recorded $11million plus in total value locked, TVL, in stkXPRT/ ETH in sushiswap pool
  • The total $XPRT wallet addresses has exceeded 20,000
  • pSTAKE has raised about $10million from bootstrapping
  • pSTAKE and stakeLP has exceeded a total of 52million in TVL; $37million from pStake liquid staking and $15million of $WETH participation in stkTOKEN
  • A new security audit has been concluded for pSTAKE over the week

Meet the pSTAKE security audit team

Persistence is Hiring

Feedback on Assetmantle validators call

Persistence now supported on Keplr mobile app

In other news



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