Memecoin Season is Here: Catch the Mania on Dogechain

Aniel Essien
4 min readMar 30, 2024


Memecoins have created massive hype in the space since the indication of the bull market. These coins have quickly become the talk of the town and just like wildfire, swept through the market.

We’ve seen Solana-based memecoins like $WIF, $BONK, $SLERF, etc., do exponential numbers in short periods. The reason? The hype is back and degens are all eager to ape in, catch the ride, and make profits!

However, sights should not be only set on Solana; we’ve got great chains with amazing memecoins activity this season — Dogechain!

Missing out on Dogechain memecoins is almost like fishing from a river and forgetting the ocean. This is the chain of memes and dreams.

Built with the mission to supercharge $DOGE, the king of memecoins with the power of DeFi and other Web3 utilities, Dogechain has become a blockchain for fulfilling the memetic dream.

At the initial launch of Dogechain, over 600 memecoins launched — some withstanding the test of time, and others, not so much.

Just like every other ecosystem, memecoins are delicate; hundreds launch daily, and only a few stand firm proving their longevity. For Dogechain, it was still the heat of the bear market, and many memecoins were rugged or simply flatlined.

However, the community kept pushing and reviving with no failed hope. What makes Dogechain different is the true love community members have for the memes that they are a part of.

So when memecoins began to trend, it was easy for the completely community-based and loved memecoin on Dogechain to start reviving, igniting interest, and pushing massive pumps in no time.

Memecoins Sparking Interest on Dogechain

This is me creating a catalogue of just a few of the memecoins that have caused a buzz in the Dogechain ecosystem.

  1. $OMNOM: This memecoin was the first memecoin to launch on Dogechain. However, just as it gets with the bear market, the hype sizzled out.

However, with the memecoin mania, $OMNOM has created such a frenzy, that it ranked number 1 best-performing memecoin on GemsRadar last week and achieved a new ATH, ~300% up from where it was.

$OMNOM goes by the mantra “Doge eat Doge, a memecoin set to be the $SHIB killer and eater for daring to be the $DOGE killer.

I don’t know how many more Xs this can go, but with so many decimal 0s, I hope it’s up.

2. $YODE: This is one memecoin that has stood the test of time on #Dogechain. Yodeswap was one of the first community-created DEXs on Dogechain and they launched $YODE alongside.

Recently, $YODE picked so much market momentum, that it once did over +700% in a day! Very revelling!

3. DogeInu $DINU: If there is a Shiba Inu, there can also be a Doge Inu — at least, that’s what I think they think. Haha.

The market action on this cute little puppy coin has been spinning a lot of degen spirit into looking into its early start. You grab a pup by the tail or not.

4. $OMNOMX: I know what you are thinking and you are correct (or probably not).

$OMNOM is the V2 of $OMNOM created to be the reward token for $OMNOM holders. Making transactions with this memecoin gives you 5% back in $OMNOM — a sweet deal!

For those who don’t want to FOMO into OMNOM, they see this has been considered a good entry, especially with how low its market cap is.

5. $DOGESHREK: We got a Shrek Doge here, but that’s just the fun of it!

The fact that this is the memecoin of the most active community-based DEX on Dogechain, Dogeshrek, is all that it takes for the community to keep supporting the memecoin.

For the love of everything green, this is green.

6. DogeTools $DTOOLS: I wouldn’t quite characterize this as a memecoin because of the utilities the project offers Dogechain, but because it builds on a memechain, here we go…

DogeTools is fondly called the “Dogechain Helper” because of the many innovative tools it builds for the ecosystem — Tipbot, Burn bot, Mint bot, Buy bots, NFT farms, etc.

It also has a cute NFT collection — Doge with Tools. Even more interesting is the fact that DogeTools has integrated into other blockchains with its toolkit.

$DTOOLS is a memecoin to pay close attention to.

7. DruggedHuskies $TDH: Another cool memecoin to curiously monitor.

Drugged Huskies is an NFT collection of high funky husky dogs. The art is hand drawn and pretty much a killer collection that has been around since Dogechain launched in 2022.

Also, $TDH is the community-based memecoin to be officially whitelisted by Quickswap DEX. That’s a big feat right there.

8. $FUCKPEPE: When the wave of PEPE heat the market, some community members decided to not give a f**k and that’s how $FUCKPEPE was created.

This is completely run by the community — no hopium, just deep-rooted love for Dogechain.

9. $SHIBES: Launched by a based dev and die-hard Dogechain community member. Been pumping attractively.

The list continues but I think the best shot is to find out more yourself on Dextools and Dexscreener.

Remember: This is just a list, not a recommendation; don’t take my word for it. It is always difficult to determine which options are suitable for long-term holding.

The best way to make a degen move is to do your research and only invest funds you can afford to lose.

Do you know why memecoins on Dogechain are memetastic? $DOGE is part of the base layer fueling these gems!


- Fees are super minimal and affordable.

- Transactions are lightning-fast, keeping pace with the dynamic meme culture on $DC.

And to think that this is only a tip of the doge’s bite! When Dogechain successfully migrates to zkEVM, the memecoins on this chain will go ballistic!

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