Last week’s event highlights on Seascape Network

The Riverboat NFTs is back on sale after a brief pause by the team. Recall that the Riverboat sales scaled up to round 9 and was paused at that stage for a good reason. The reason being that the Riverboat sales came under attack during the sales.

The Seascape team’s attention was drawn to the heavy use of bots during the NFT sales. This resulted in unfair sales and distribution of the sales as intended by the team.

The Seascape team is not denying being responsible for the unfair sales. They have tendered an apology to the entire participating community in this regard following their inability to make purchases during the sales. Therefore the pause on sales was necessary to address to issue faster.

The good news is that the Riverboat NFT is now back on sale with an improved anti-bot software. To continue, you may now connect your moonriver wallet and stock up using $RIB tokens.

Moonscape Dev Diaries

Moonscape is on to their development dairies (iv), a move that will pilot a dive into the world of rovers.

Rovers on Moonscape are Lunar vehicles that are manned by players (avatars). There seem to be different available rovers but only one rover can be equipped per time. Rovers on Moonscape can be used to excavate and extract resources from the playground, attack enemies and their cities, could also be used to explore within the Moonscape map.

On Moonscape, the rovers can be imported and exported as NFTs and traded in NFT marketplaces. Resources on Moonscape are also available to mint rovers from games which can also be traded.

This is the fourth installment of the dev dairy, you can always stay updated to learn more on how to use rovers to your advantage on Moonscape.

End of the Pancakeswap trading contest

This season’s pancakeswap trading contest has ended and winners have emerged as expected. All who participated are urged to keep up with updates as the winners will be announced soon.


Seascape and Moonscape seem to have entered a new season of growth and development. You can see it with the new projects in hand talking about Riverboat NFTs and the dev diaries. What are you excited about in these developments? Feel free to share in a tweet using a tweet or a comment below.



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