Introducing Shibarmy: all you need to know

Shibarmy is one of the newest Decentralized Finance projects that pays its holders in kind for holding their native/governance token. As it is with most new DeFi projects in the cryptosphere, there is a need to outline the project’s implementation plan while also making the token allocation transparent, and accessible to both individual and corporate investors. Just a quick reminder that Shibarmy is here with it’s troops of tokens enough to go round.

What more do you need to know about Shibarmy?

Shibarmy takes on the nature of the controversial shiba Inu. Just like most new tokens take as payment, an amount of another project, Shibarmy relies on shiba Inu token for sales of its token. In other words, you have to give a little amount of Shiba Inu to get a good amount of Shibarmy token.

Currently, Shibarmy is available on Pancakeswap, a decentralized financial exchange that permits you to set your own slippage limit. So to purchase shibarmy on pancakeswap, your slippage tolerance must be up to 11% to allow your transaction complete successfully.

Shibarmy tokens are enough to go round. The maximum supply of shibarmy is 100trillion. This means that users can acquire as much as they can. The only criteria is that you must possess Shiba Inu to get a Shibarmy token.

The liquidity provider pool of shibarmy is automatic. 1% of each trade contributes towards the liquidity generating pool.

In terms of distribution, 8% of each trade is distributed in Shib token

For the marketing, 1% out of each trade contributes towards the Shibarmy marketing wallet.

Where is the roadmap leading?

So far, the launch of Shibarmy on pancakeswap is already up and running. The website, although not yet updated, is also functional currently. The marketing campaign has already begun.

However, more work lies ahead for the shibarmy team. From the project’s implementation plan, more activities are on queue including airdrops, audit, website updates, partnerships, listening and even the launch of their own decentralized exchange.

Ending Note

The good we know about every cryptocurrency project is its potential to grow in the nearest future. You are making a right choice if you go for new tokens like shibarmy to secure a future with them.

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