Introducing Seascape -The Ultimate Game Platform Designed Around the DeFi & NFT Economy


A Game is simply an activity that one engages in for amusement or fun.And these games take various forms (video, puzzles, etc). Games are very necessary for our daily lives. Games make us fit, active, fresh, and social. They teach us a lesson of cooperating duty and discipline. It is also worthy of note that every aspect of today’s world, from the mundane to the grand, is being turned into a game of some sort. Uber drivers are chasing high scores, food delivery runs are ranked with stars, even fintech app developers are currently working out a means of getting the same user retention rates as Candy Crush.

Due to this high importance attached to gaming, the gaming industry is renowned for being the most exciting industry (in the tech space and beyond), simply because of the role it plays in entertainment and recreation.

Games are going to play an increasing role in defining the economics of the digital future,

but a game isn’t enough to create a vibrant digital world.

Over the years, the traditional gaming industry has witnessed massive development, which in turn came with its problems.

These problems have ranged from attracting the right customers/consumers, ability to meet service demands, provision of communication channels, and lack of user incentives among many others.

Worry no more, SEASCAPE is here just to serve you better.


designed by Aniel

Seascape is a decentralized gaming system designed around the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and NFT economy.

DeFi is an advancement from a traditional and centralized financial system to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies built on Blockchain technology such as the Ethereum network.

Seascape adopts the possible use cases for a Decentralized finance system which includes, decentralized marketplace, lending and borrowing, Staking, and earnings yield.

Seascape also adopts the Defi architecture to reward developers, gamers, and influencers through staking, yield farming. Seascape brings together developers, gamers, and influencers in an incentivized manner and rewards them for both their time and immense contribution.

Some sort of reward for passion.


Seascape simply utilizes the idea of Decentralization to scale through the numerous and never-ending problems posed at the traditional gaming industry, thereby portraying the adoption of decentralized gaming.

Wikipedia defines Decentralization as the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central authority.

Seascape uses blockchain technology as an advanced tool for the traditional gaming space. Thus, providing a high level of trust and confidence which helps the implementation of those unique properties of decentralization.

Seascape has also created a form of incentive for its users through its native token, CROWNS.

Which was initially introduced by BLOCKLORDS, as a way of rewarding all players who prove themselves worthy. With this token, players to experience the true power of DeFi gaming in a fun and user-friendly manner.

Crowns are tokenized assets designed with the aim of rewarding players for their time spent playing, and the Seascape Platform, an innovative protocol designed for game developers.

The total supply of crowns is fixed at 10,000,000 tokens creating room for Zero inflation of crown tokens. To ensure Zero Inflation, Seascape introduced the payWave drop which is taken from the spent number of crown tokens by users on games. The paydrop algorithm is designed to reward every player who owns crowns periodically.

This idea ensures that users educate themselves about the blockchain, figure out how to work a wallet, and buy cryptocurrency before even playing a game. Great incentives like this are needed in gaming industries to make the gamer feel like he is being rewarded for the time spent and seascape has identified this problem as well as offered a solution, thereby bridging the gap and complexities of the traditional gaming industry,

Seascape is designed around DEFI and NFT, and maybe wondering why?


As you all know, it is no doubt that an experienced, efficient, and relentless team is the backbone for a successful project in the blockchain space. The seascape team provides balance to boost the blockchain space by onboarding users to its gaming system hence enforcing global adoption of the blockchain technology.

The Seascape team consists of dedicated game developers and smart contract programmers working to provide a better-gamified atmosphere for all.

The atmosphere is such that it allows users to trade their assets in a vibrant marketplace that rewards all users, as well as making gaming fun.


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