HUMMINGBIRD FINANCE is an audited, vetted, and trusted static reward token that benefits investors who hold, the contract is designed to apply 3% tax to every transaction. 1.5% is distributed to the current holders and 1.5% is burned forever which decreases the initial supply of 100 Quadrillion HMNG and so far about 50% has been burned.

This process simply makes holders winners.

HUMMINGBIRD employs 2 simple functions:


(ii) Burn

With HMNG you don’t need to stake or add liquidity to the pool for reward tokens. Simply hold and earn free tokens from every transaction.

Hummingbird is trying to build a project that will see the leverage of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to contribute positively via donations to the growth and conservation of global hummingbird fauna. It also intends to donate to charities that seek to protect endangered hummingbird species globally.

Hummingbirds are birds native to the Americas. There are about 360 species. They occur from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego but the vast majority of the species are found in the tropics and as of today, Hummingbirds are on the Binance chain

By doing this, hummingbird does not only generate and donate funds to hummingbird fauna protection projects but also raise awareness.

How Safe and Secure is Hummingbird Finance

As we all know, Rug pulls & Scams are increasing and becoming rampant on the Binance Smart Chain.

It with Almost a daily occurrence and plenty of losses to go with it.

It is to this note that Hummingbird came up with the following measures to minimize the doubt rate and gain some user trust and at the same time make the project safe and secure;

(i) Fair Launch via Pancakeswap

The official BSC Smart Contract :0x14357d294fbabbe0fbf59503370c772d563b35b6

(ii) Liquidity locked for via Dxlocker (Part of Dxsale)

(iii) Contract has no hidden backdoors or scripts

(iv) Auditioning by

Progress has been made ever since the arrival of hummingbird finance on the space in April.

And this month of May, some other activities has been seen on the project’s ecosystem

And in the coming months, Hummingbird Finance will be engaged with some activities to further better the project.

Various AMA sessions will be scheduled, with the sole aim of giving the audience vital and valuable pieces of information

also, the Dev team expansion and Hummingbird Finance App

These are activities queued up for the coming Month



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