Introducing a Commodity Assets solutions — Comdex

Eyes are full of expectations as the Comdex community awaits the launch of its network Mainnet this November. In view of this launch, Comdex has gone ahead to launch an airdrop season in preparation. Actually, the airdrop was meant for publicity and awareness for the Comdex. Over 12.5% of $CMDX, the native token of the Comdex chain, was allocated for the airdrop.

While the airdrop lasts, it is limited to eligible participants. To qualify for the Comdex airdrop, you must be a holder of $XPRT and $ATOM with a minimum balance of 1 token. Secondly, these tokens must be held and staked at the time of the snapshot early in October 8th 2021 at 2:30pm UTC.

The wallets are not just regular. specifically, only users of specified non custodial wallets like Persistence, Kelper and Cosmostation are eligible. In essence holders and stakers that use any of these wallets are qualified.

Despite starting this airdrop earlier, the airdrops are yet to be released. Information on how to claim the airdrop will be released soon.

What you need to know about Comdex

Comdex is one of the major arms of the PersistenceOne network. It is a budding ecosystem of commodity assets solutions. Its system is built to offer high risk/low risk, and high yield/low yield commodity assets on-chain.

How does this work?

Users of the Cosmos network who hold $ATOM, $XPRT, $AKT, $DVPN and , $CMDX will be enabled to collateralize assets to mint cAssets, which can be used on cSwap to trade commodity synthetics.

However before the assets minting and subsequent swap, the Comdex system facilitates the creation of cAssets by locking single- asset types as collateral.

Comdex cAsset creation uses a process called Collateral debt position. By this it means that the value of the locked collateral is higher than the value of cAssets minted. This is done so that the open debt position is secure as against value depreciation due to market price movement.


cSwap is Comdex’s Automated Market Maker. AMM are known to facilitate liquidity. So with cSwap, traders in Comdex can seamlessly swap between cAssets without any third party.

Liquidity providers or users on the platform deposit to the liquidity cSwap liquidity pool to enable swap. In return, they earn $CMDX tokens as rewards and a portion of the trading fees collected from the pool.

The Comdex Tokenomic

The tokenomic of Comdex points to the untility and use cases of the Comdex token $CMDX. The Comdex token serves a lot of use for the growth of the Comdex project, they are five major use cases for $CMDX

  • $CMDX is the native token of Comdex and it is used to power the network’s staking economy, and for facilitating transactions
  • $CMDX is also Comdex’s government token. With it users can participate in decision making by voting with it
  • Comdex synthetic app users can use $CMDX as collateral to create cAssets on Comdex
  • $CMDX will also be used to reward liquidity providers on cSwap protocol
  • $CMDX tokens will be minted and burned from time to time to maintain the stability of cAssets in the network.

What you should expect

Comdex is emerging and with its launch expected to happen before the end of November 2021. Get your cosmos tokens ready to earn from the Comdex commodity assets.

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