INSTARAISE: Spearheading the future of Tezos DeFi


Formerly known as Wiltpad, Instaraise began as a decentralized Tezos IDO Platform committed to supporting projects through strategic distribution of tokens through auctions.

And today, they are still very much in the business of empowering projects seeking to raise capital in an environment that is interoperable and decentralized.

The platform soon gravitated from the initial objective to a bigger, more powerful mission that could revolutionize the face of Launchpads. The brand name Instaraise was the perfect fit for this new mission and the team has never looked back since. The mandate is simple: accessibility and speed.

Today, Instaraise is taking great strides towards making DeFi investing more accessible as well as simplifying it. As of writing, Instaraise runs on Tezos as an outstanding decentralized platform open to all community members. And there’s more. Instaraise is not just making DeFi investing as basic as possible, the brand is committed to making it accessible to regular users.

The affiliation with the Tezos ecosystem has its purpose. Using DEX’s offering, Instaraise is implanting itself solidly in the Tezos ecosystem as a vital part of their infrastructure; a move that is geared towards neutralizing issues that affect conventional Automated Market Makers(AMMs).

The goal here is to lead the Tezos DeFi in the coming future and the team appears to be right on track with this agenda. How is Instaraise putting plans in motion to achieve this? The first step was offering fresh trading features via InstaDEX. These include IL protection and provision of single asset liquidity to LPs and traders. Without a doubt, integration by Instaraise will speed up the process of bringing the Tezos ecosystem into the future ahead of them.

Impermanent loss and Involuntary token exposure

InstaDEX’s single asset liquidity provisions will ensure that LPs can skim over inconveniences and the task of staking their choice assets just to join the liquidity pool. If Instaraise functions as planned, an LP do well with staking one asset in the pool instead of two and also receive exposure primarily on it

Let’s shed some light on IL insurance. Here, LPs who stay with the Insta DEX pool get to enjoy 100 days of IL insurance. All LPs who take out their assets following 100 days or more get extra assets to cover all losses incurred in form of IL.

For this feature, 1 day equals 1% while LP ought to stay invested in the pool for a minimum of 30 days to ensure that protection cover is provided. In the same vein, should LP decide to take out funds after 80 days, this would only mean that just 80% of the IL cover will be provided.

No observer will be wrong to point out that though Instaraise has built quite several unique products for the Tezos ecosystem, DEX is the most brilliant innovation so far and its efficiency has increased Instaraise determination to solve more problems.

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