How To Participate & Win a Share of $62,000 on Kucoin’s Emerging Stars Featuring Dogechain. Join Now!

Aniel Essien
4 min readAug 17, 2023


To make up to $1000 and even more, there are 2 actions involved:

- Predict the $DC market against the $TARA market.

- Trade $DC.

Full details below:

Kucoin kicks off its Emerging Stars activity today which includes a special series of campaigns featuring a $62,000 prize pool for valued users!

Dogechain (DC) is one of the featured projects with 2 activities especially dedicated to the memecoin-focused blockchain and a very bountiful reward pool.

- $DC Predictions (Predict to Win): Prize pool of $10,000 (Aug 17th–19th)

- $DC Trading Competition (Trade to Win): Prize pool of 8,700,000 DC (Sep 4th–8th)

Here are the details and steps of how to participate:

🚀 DC VS. TARA Predict to Win a Share of $10,000!

In this campaign, you can predict which coin will experience greater price growth by the end of each round and win a share of $10,000 USDT.

The coin options are $DC and $TARA, another emerging star project on Kucoin.

There are three rounds of prediction, each lasting for 24 hours. The activity period is from 00:00:00 on August 17th, 2023, to 23:50:00 on August 19th, 2023 (UTC).

How to Join:

  1. Register an account on Kucoin if you don’t have one already. You can use this link to sign up and fund your account through P2P or from another account.
  2. Trade DC on the Kucoin Spot market during the activity period. The trading pairs are DC/USDT and DC/BTC.
  3. Have a DC trading amount (buys + sells) of more than 500 USDT on Kucoin to be eligible for the rewards.
  4. Join the DC vs. TARA Predict to Win campaign here.

Special Note:

● Have a Spot or Futures trading volume of at least 200 USDT or 600 USDT respectively on Kucoin to get one prediction vote. You can trade any coins in the Spot and Future markets to get prediction votes. You can get up to 100 prediction votes per round.

● To get more prediction votes, you need to reach the required trading volume again. For example, if you have a Spot trading volume of 2,000 USDT and a Futures trading volume of 1,200 USDT, you will get 12 prediction votes.

● Once you have prediction votes, you can vote for the coin that you think will have a higher price growth by the end of the round. You can only vote for one coin per round. For example, if you vote for DC on that day, you cannot vote for TARA on the same day.

● You need to vote between 00:00 and 16:00 (UTC) each day. Unused prediction votes will expire at the end of each day.

How to Win:

- Predict correctly and you will earn a share of a daily prize pool worth 2,000 USDT based on the number of correct votes. The reward will consist of 50% worth of TARA tokens and 50% worth of DC tokens.

- If you have the most correct predictions by the end of the activity, you will evenly share a grand prize pool worth 4,000 USDT with other winners. The reward will also consist of 50% worth of TARA tokens and 50% worth of DC tokens.

- You can check the prediction results on T+1 day in the prediction history page.

The rewards will be calculated based on the closing price of DC/USDT and TARA/USDT at the end of the activity period.

🚀DC Trade to Win a Share of 8,700,000 $DC

In this activity, you can trade DC on Kucoin and compete with other traders for a share of an 8,700,000 DC prize pool.

The activity period is from 00:00:00 on September 4th, 2023, to 23:50:00 on September 8th, 2023 (UTC).

How to Join:

  1. Trade DC on Kucoin’s Spot market. The trading amount is calculated as (buys + sells x price).
  2. Depending on your trading amount, you can qualify for one of two pools:

🪙POOL 1: If you are among the top 30 accounts with the highest DC trading amount on Kucoin, you will win a share of 3,500,000 DC based on your total trading amount.

The reward distribution is as follows:

Rank 1: 1,000,000 DC

Rank 2: 750,000 DC

Rank 3: 500,000 DC

Rank 4–5: 200,000 DC

Rank 6–10: 100,000 DC

Rank 11–20: 20,000 DC

Rank 21–30: 15,000 DC

💎POOL 2: If you have a DC trading amount of more than 500 USDT on Kucoin, you will equally share 5,200,000 DC with other qualified users (excluding the top 30 winners).

Other Activities in Kucoin’s Emerging Stars Campaign.

Besides Dogechain, there are other activities you can join in Kucoin’s Emerging Stars campaign, such as Trading Competitions for TARA, VAI, ADS, and NGL and the Emerging Stars Quiz.

Read more about them here.

Kucoin’s Emerging Stars is a great opportunity for crypto enthusiasts to discover and support the great upcoming gem projects in the industry.

Don’t miss this chance!

About Dogechain

Dogechain is a Layer 1 blockchain that leverages the Polygon Edge framework to become a stand-alone EVM-compatible chain. It was created to bring utility to Dogecoin ($DOGE) by enabling it to be wrapped by a smart contract and bridged to the chain where it can be used to engage in different Web3 and DeFi use cases.

Dogechain is popularly called the “memechain” and it is a community-first ecosystem for $DOGE believers and holders created by Dogecoin enthusiasts who believed that $DOGE can do more than just be held.

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