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Aniel Essien
4 min readJul 24, 2021

It’s the game season for the seascape community and this week, seascape has taken the game to another level bringing the “all road leads to Rome” slogan to the limelight. Announcing the Seascape forum season (1) by seascape over the week is a go-to for all seascape game lovers and the activities as scheduled will feature ‘Scapes’, NFTs, staking, and more.

That, in addition to a security action Seascape has taken to protect its community will meet your audience as you proceed in this article.

Announcing seascape forum season 1

The Seascape forum season (1) is already up and running, and till the 19th of August 2021, all roads lead to Rome for an exclusive NFTs minting and burning game organized by Seascape Network. Available on Binance Smart chain and Ethereum network alike, this Seascape forum season 1 will enable participants to combine specific Scapes aimed at minting a new generation
and high-quality NFTs tagged ‘generation 0’ (pronounced — generation zero).

Scapes burning will also take place but not like the regular. The Scape burning will take on a specific combination of Scapes and get a roman scape series Placidus in return. Below is the walkthrough for the Seascape forum season:
The Seascape forum is a game in segments, and this season’s version is scheduled to allow users to choose 5 of Seascape’s original NFTs called Scapes. In essence, gamers are to choose 5 Scapes they would burn to produce new sets of NFTs. The burning will take the form of combining the different Scapes, altering their forms to create new ones.

The game will be available only on Binance smart chain and ethereum network for the meantime and only Scapes on these networks will be automatically recognized by the crypto wallet. To be specific enough, crypto-wallets like Metamask and Mathwallet perform better and
are recommended for use in this game season.

To start,
● Select (5)Scapes that will be burned. To avoid alteration of the Scapes potential, do not use the selected 5 for any transaction on the blockchain before the burning takes place. The quality of the minted Scapes will imitate the quality of the burned scapes.
Next stage,
● The fuse stage; here is where the 5 scapes are altered but that’s not all about this stage. The quality of the NFTs to be minted has to be higher and to this effect, the fused Scapes will be tagged along with staked $crown (Seascapes native token). The higher the amount of $crowns staked, the higher the quality of the new generation NFTs to be minted. The staked $crowns will be retrieved at the end of this game season but not without a reward.

The Seascape forum season will last till August 19th, 2021, you still stand a good chance to participate in this special seasonal game with the ultimate gaming platform of the moment-Seascape network.

A security announcement from Seascape, Seascape is a community-based network; security for one is security for all, and risk for one is most likely to be a risk for all. As noticed on Treasureland over the week, some Creators were
nabbed for selling fake Scapes on Treasureland. The good news is that all the fake accounts have been removed and banned.
So this is a call to members of the seascape community that fraudulent or unofficial NFTs on Seascape will be tagged ‘Personal creations’. The only recognized NFTs would be Seascape’s official NFTs — Scapes. Therefore Seascape does not recommend trading the ‘personal creations’.

Features and Listings
Seascape network has announced it has been featured on Cointelegraph following an article recently published about the Binance smart chain MysteryBox partnership with BinanceNFTs.
Wow! This is a good remark from one of the best and beckons greatness of Seascape. In other news, Seascape’s $Crown has been named among the top 3 by KuCoin. This announcement was made by Seascape network via its Twitter handle over the week following an initial tweet by KuCoin announcing altcoins to look out for.

The tweet by KuCoin “#NFT gaming is expanding their reach to all platforms, following an astonishing while expecting price surge last week” listing Seascapes $CWS as the top 3 is grand Win this ultimate gaming platform.

A Wrap
Announcing the Security action taken on the Seascape network is not intended to discourage content Creators at all. It was necessary so that gamers and Traders will have less risk to face while trading NFTs on the Seascape network.
Meanwhile, the Seascape Forum Season 1 is currently running till August 19th, keep to terms and let the minting begin.



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