Hallmarks Of AssetMantle

Businesses and individuals alike are fast realizing the benefit that NFTs and digital asset ownership may provide their consumers as a result of the adoption of blockchain technology and Web 3.0

Despite the expanding NFT market for digital artifacts, they are not devoid of issues such as centralization, censorship, complicated user experience, and high hidden fees.

For artists to benefit from blockchain digital art trade, there must be a well-designed, user-friendly, and completely decentralized NFT Marketplace.

AssetMantle — A framework for NFT markets provides every element required to create a distinctive market that facilitates the creation of exchangeable NFTs that migrate among several blockchains.

AssetMantle’s applications are decentralized and accessible financial characteristics are utilized for more effective capital allocation in a borderless, and trustless manner. There is also native interoperability across all the exchanges while retaining sovereignty because they were all developed to use the same set of AssetMantle elements and specifications.

AssetMantle hopes to improve the environment for NFT trading by unlocking the full potential of NFTs for both developers and traders with previously unseen features which include but are not limited to the following:

AssetMantle offers its users a Web3-based application that is entirely decentralized and doesn’t use centralized databases or off-chain technology.

On MantleChain, there is a decentralized NFT market called MantlePlace that enables the simple trading of NFTs. By simply creating an account with an email ID and password — a procedure that all web 2.0 users are familiar with.

A broad variety of assets are supported, including photos, music, video, AR/VR, 3D, etc., which users can mint and trade.

Creators and collectors can safely create, own, and trade digital assets on AssetMantle’s fast-finality blockchain thanks to its multi-tenant NFT marketplace platform.

NFT Creators can have a human-readable version of their id on the blockchain, which can be connected to their social media accounts throughout the web 2.0 environment.

With AssetMantle’s no-code toolkit, designers may freely design unique assets and markets.

Collectors can store the assets collected across several marketplaces and interoperable chains in a central wallet that can be used for transactions with low gas.

AssetMantle offers an end-to-end stack of open-source modular tools based on the interNFT standard that developers may customize to suit complex use cases.

MantleBuilder includes predefined templates that designers may utilize right out of the box to make their lives even more uncomplicated.

The AssetMantle web application allows for web 2.0 compatibility, doing away with the difficulties of web 3.0 and giving newer NFT customers and producers an easy start.

AssetMantle provides an intuitive user interface that makes it simple for artists and designers to set up and personalize their stores which makes finding collections from various chains by a collector’s favorite creators extremely simple.

AssetMantle aims to promote the widespread use of natively implemented cross-chain NFTs. Visit the following links to learn more about Asset Mantle and stay up to date on their news and developments:

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