GRIMACE: Your Next-Level Gem Memecoin for the Bullrun on Dogechain

Aniel Essien
5 min readSep 26, 2023


Grimacecoin is the ultimate memecoin in the Dogechain Ecosystem, as it consistently ranks among the most traded tokens by volume on Dogechain as aggregated by Geckoterminal.

What started as a casual social media exchange between Elon Musk and McDonald’s on Twitter soon became an international sensation. Grimace, the purple mascot of the fast-food giant, inspired the creation of the Grimace memecoin, a token that captures the fun and lively spirit of the crypto world.

But don’t be fooled by its humorous origin — Grimace coin is a serious contender in the cryptocurrency space. It is a rare gem among memecoins, with a very limited token supply and impressive utilities.

Grimace’s vision is to make cryptocurrency more accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding for everyone. Built on the Dogechain network, Grimace leverages the speed, security, and scalability of the Doge blockchain.

The community behind Grimacecoin has a grand vision of using Grimace to purchase anything (even Tesla cars; lol), creating a unique blend of fun and functionality. This bold aspiration reflects the power of community and the infinite possibilities of cryptocurrency.

What Can You Do On The Grimace Ecosystem?

  1. Play and Earn with GRIMACE PaperHands Arcade

If you love arcade games, you will love the PaperHands Arcade! It is a fun and immersive game where you can earn GRIMACE tokens and compete with other players. You need to use your skills and strategy to avoid the paper hands and collect the diamond hands. The more you play, the more you earn!

But that’s not all; the PaperHands Arcade is just the beginning. The team is working hard to bring you more P2E games in the future.

Click to play PaperHands Arcade.

  1. Swap and Invest on Grimace Swap

Grimace Swap is a platform that allows you to exchange tokens securely and conveniently on the Dogechain network. You can swap any token on Dogechain for GRIMACE or vice versa, with low fees and fast transactions. You can also provide liquidity and earn rewards for supporting the Grimace ecosystem.

Start your Grimace Swap journey.

  1. Get Grimace NFT to Earn Rewards (Coming Soon)

Grimace NFTs are not your ordinary NFTs. They are not just cute Grimace characters, but also treasure maps that can lead you to hidden wallets full of GRIMACE tokens. How cool is that?

The team behind Grimace is developing these NFTs with a lot of creativity and innovation. The brain behind Grimace, Odyssey, recently shared a sneak peek of what they are working on on his (Twitter) page.

In the video, we see a black-and-white picture of art that contains clues embedded in it. If you zoom in and find the clues, you might be just able to unlock the private keys to the wallets.

The date of the NFT launch is yet to be announced, but I am eagerly waiting for it. Can’t wait to see what surprises they have in store for us!

Click here to see the Grimace NFT sneak peek.

Grimace Tokenomics

One of the most fascinating aspects of Grimace is its tokenomics. The optics of the GRIMACE token are what propelled its value to the MOON in a short time.

GRIMACE is the core of the Grimace ecosystem. It is a versatile and valuable medium of exchange within the Dogechain network, offering both utility and usability.

The max supply of Grimace tokens is capped at 1,000,000, and they are allocated as follows:

  1. Initial Liquidity: 240,000 tokens (24%) — used to provide initial liquidity on exchanges for stable and efficient market operations.
  2. Project Development: 200,000 tokens (20%) — devoted to further development of the Grimace project, covering technical developments, infrastructure improvements, and ongoing research.
  3. Team and Advisors: 160,000 tokens (16%) — allocated for the project team and advisors.
  4. Marketing and Partnerships: 300,000 tokens (30%) — reserved for marketing initiatives and partnership programs to attract new users, expand our partner network, and increase the project’s visibility in the crypto community.
  5. Community and Rewards: 100,000 tokens (10%) — set aside to reward community members, to encourage engagement and active participation in the project.

$GRIMACE Value Proposition

The Grimace token (GRIMACE) offers a lot of value to its holders, both as a currency and as a stake in the Grimace ecosystem. Here are some of the benefits of holding GRIMACE:

  1. Participation in the Ecosystem

By holding GRIMACE, you can access various features and services within the Grimace ecosystem, such as playing and earning in the PaperHands Arcade, swapping and investing on Grimace Swap, getting Grimace NFTs to earn rewards, and more to come.

Also, the team is working tirelessly to establish partnerships with various merchants and platforms.

  1. Investment Value

GRIMACE has a high potential for growth and appreciation, as it is backed by a strong and active community, a dedicated and innovative team, and a robust and scalable network.

In addition, GRIMACE has a very limited supply of 1,000,000 tokens, which creates scarcity and demand. These factors make GRIMACE an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

  1. Access Rights

GRIMACE holders have the right to access exclusive content, a transaction platform, or the use of specific product features in the Grimace ecosystem such as games, NFTs, exchanges, etc.

  1. Decentralization and Governance

GRIMACE is a decentralized and community-driven project, as it operates on the Dogechain network, which is a permissionless and open-source blockchain. GRIMACE empowers its community to have a voice and a stake in the project through governance, as they can contribute to its growth and success.


Buying $GRIMACE tokens is a simple process. You can buy from a decentralized exchange (DEX) or a centralized exchange (CEX).

If you are buying from a DEX, you need to have a non-custodial wallet installed and set up on the DOGECHAIN network. You also need to have WDOGE (Wrapped DOGE), the gas token of Dogechain. You can bridge it in using this tutorial.

You can buy GRIMACE tokens by using DOGE, DC, or WDOGE on the following DEXs:

Grimace Swap

Dogeshrek Swap

If you are buying from a CEX, you can trade $GRIMACE tokens on spot trading on the following CEXs:

BitGet Exchange

MEXC Exchange

Grimace is a memecoin project that stands out from the crowd, combining humour, innovation, and community in a unique way. It offers a lot of value and potential to its holders, as they can enjoy various features and services within the Grimace ecosystem, such as P2E, trading, NFTs etc.

If you are looking for a fun and rewarding way to join the memecoin revolution, you’ve got GRIMACE! Join now:

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